Shakti and Silsila to bring more interesting twists

Big twists in Shakti and Silsila

Nani always does something that creates a trouble for Soumya, which pushes Harman in tension as well. Nani calls some panditains home. The women take Soumya outside the home for some puja. Nani believes in superstitions. She doubts that someone has cast an evil spell on Soumya, that’s why Soumya isn’t able to conceive a child. She gets following her blind beliefs. She thinks Soumya isn’t having children, even when she has passed all the medical tests, its surely someone’s evil sight that’s creating a hurdle for Harman and Soumya to become parents.

The women perform the rituals. Soumya gets helpless to bear the drama. Preeto also witnesses everything, but can’t do anything. Harman reaches there and takes away Soumya to save her self-respect. He doesn’t want Panditains to take away Soumya with them. He tells them that this is not a good thing to have blind beliefs and trouble people by hurting their sentiments for their selfish motives.

He gets angry on the women and sends them away. Harman’s anger brings a storm in the family again. He asks Nani not to hurt Soumya’s heart this way, they will have children when they decide and no one should keep hammering them for a heir.

Mauli takes her family to Dhaba. She doesn’t know that Rajdeep is also there with his girlfriend. Mauli gets Kunal’s call and goes away to take it. While she is busy talking, Rajdeep comes towards her. He doesn’t overhears her emotional conversation. He fails to learn that Nandini has gone with Kunal to fulfill the mannat. Mauli wants to know how is Kunal, and what’s Nandini doing to handle herself. Kunal tells her that he is fine and he is with Nandini, she doesn’t want to leave the mannat unfulfilled and got adamant to visit the temple for fulfilling Dida’s mannat. Mauli happily cries.

She tells Kunal that Nandini is turning like before, she can do anything for others’ wishes and happiness, she can risk her life too. She asks Kunal to come soon, as she is much worried for her. Mauli tells Dida that Nandini fulfilled her mannat. Dida gets happy to know this. She says I m pleased to know that today’s generation youth also wants to fulfill elders’ wish and ideals. Dida blesses Kunal and Nandini for fulfilling her mannat. She then sees Rajdeep with a girl. She gets angry and scolds him.

Mauli calms down Dida. Dida says Rajdeep is so shameless, he is with a girl, just when his wife left him, he didn’t wait eve for a few days. Mauli asks her not to meet Rajdeep. She gets a good news that Kunal got a new place for his clinic. Rajdeep sees Mauli and runs away to hide from her. He keeps an eye on her. Mauli shares the good news with family. Dida stops Rajdeep and scolds him for cheating Nandini. Rajdeep asks who are you. Dida says you did wrong with Nandini. Rajdeep says so you are Kunal’s grandmum. He angrily pushes her away. Mauli comes to Dida’s rescue and scolds Rajdeep for disrespecting elders.


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