Silsila: Mauli takes a brave step for Nandini’s future

Silsila: Rajdeep's disguise, Mauli's denial and more...

Silsila brings a bigger twist with Nandini’s divorce. Mauli tells Nandini that she has met Rajdeep to talk about divorce. Nandini thinks where did her life got her, she is divorcing her husband to lead a new life. She asks Mauli how did Rajdeep react seeing the divorce papers, did he agree for it. Mauli tells Nandini that Rajdeep was getting angered, but she has served the papers to him, he was super shocked seeing your signs on the papers. She says Rajdeep was trying to scare me, but I m also a tigress, I enjoyed his frustrated reaction, he couldn’t believe that you signed the papers, his decision doesn’t matter, what really matters is your decision taken by self will.

She says you were bound by customs, emotions and traditions, but really that man isn’t deserving of you, he didn’t value you or your relation, he didn’t respect the marriage relation, such emotions are waste for him, you are doing right, even if its tough for you, you have to do this. She feels proud of Nandini.


Mauli thinks of Nandini’s sorrow and loses courage. She goes to Dida to share the matter. Dida asks Mauli to stay strong and not fall weak ever. She blesses Mauli. Mauli thanks Dida for her real blessings and wants to stay strong to shape up Nandini’s life. Dida feels proud of Mauli, since she is a nice person at heart, who is selfless and caring towards everyone around. Dida wishes Mauli doesn’t face any problem because of Nandini. Mauli wants to free Nandini from Rajdeep’s clutches.

Nandini lights the diya and makes a mannat that she gets freed from Rajdeep. She wishes Lord grants her a new life by making Rajdeep sign the papers. Rajdeep burns the divorce papers. He tells that Nandini won’t get free from him, she has come in palanquin and leave in funeral, he won’t give any midway to escape. He doesn’t accept Nandini’s divorce request.


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