Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihika turns obsessed for baby Adi

Mihika gets obsessed with Adi's child

Mihika gets over-possessive about Adi and Roshni’s child, since she is raising him with much love and care. There is much tension in Bhalla house. Ishita gets worried knowning baby Adi falls sick. Mihika has taken the baby’s responsibility completely. She wanted to assist Aaliya in handling the baby, but feels like the baby’s mother. She tells Ishita that the baby isn’t calming down, he is crying so much, she just went to washroom and left him alone for some time, don’t know the reason why he is not getting quiet. She asks Ishita to find out the baby’s problem. She rushes to save the baby’s body temperature. Ishita tells Mihika and Raman that baby doesn’t have fever. She asks Mihika not to get hyper, baby is fine, but maybe he is missing Roshni. Mihika and Ishita try to quieten the baby.

Mihika has much attachment with the baby. She panics when the baby gets restless. She tries to solve the problem. Ishita has more experience in raising children, and being a doctor, she confirms that baby is absolutely fine.

Mihika doesn’t listen to anyone and tells them that she should take the baby to hospital. She speaks to the doctor and learns that baby has no problem. She gets relieved and returns home. Ishita tells Mihika that they would take baby to some park, he may like fresh air. Mihika says we just came from outside, if we go again, he may catch cold, I will clean the room and check if there are any mosquitoes, maybe the mosquitoes are troubling him at night. Mrs. Iyer gives an idea and tells them that they can shift to her house, till the room gets cleaned thoroughly. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy seeing Mihika’s concern for the baby. Ishita and Mihika get protective about the baby.

Ishita doesn’t want Mihika to get obsessed, which could be wrong for the family. She fears for Mihika and Aaliya’s clashes about their rights on the baby. Ishita compliments Mihika that the baby is recognizing her lap and touch, and finding relief with her. Mrs. Bhalla jokes that the baby isn’t getting pacified by Ishita, this happened for the first time, it means the baby doesn’t like her. Raman tells them that Ishita is Jhansi Ki Rani and the baby would be scared to come in her lap. Ishita throws a cushion at him. The family gets a laughter seeing their fight.

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