Ishq SubhanAllah: Nilofer steps ahead to help Kabeer-Zara

Nilofer acts positive

Kabeer and Zara get together to get evidences against Miraj. Nilofer meets them and gives them evidences of Miraj’s diamond smuggling. She asks Kabeer and Zara to trust her and check the file if they want to check the evidence. Zara wonders why is Nilofer going against Miraj, when she loves him. Kabeer gets happy that Nilofer is helping. She goes to eat the breakfast brought by Nilofer. Zara stops him and tells him that the food can be faulty, something could be mixed in it, since Nilofer has got the food. He asks her not to doubt on food. She wants to safeguard Kabeer.

She tells him that she will have the food first. She eats the food and acts to get dizzy. He worriedly holds her, wondering if the food really had poison. She laughs and tells him that she was kidding, the food is fine and yummy.

She feeds the food to Kabeer. They have a cute moment. Meanwhile, Elena tells Zara that Zara is her ideal. Zara explains her the journey of a girl’s life. Kabeer pulls Elena’s leg, while joking on Zara. They have fun. Elena asks Zara to give her time every day and guide her in life. Zara tells true and diverse inspiring things to Elena. She is much concerned towards Elena. Zara gives tuitions to Elena and wants to make sure that Elena passes the exams with flying colours.


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