Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Mariam Khan’s tracks get shocking

YHM: Sudha to declare an open war against Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Mihika becomes baby Adi’s mother. The family gets occupied because of the baby. Everyone cares for the baby together. Mihika tries to console the baby. Ishita takes the baby from Mihika. She calms the baby and puts him to sleep. She is happy that Mihika has taken the baby’s responsibility. Ishita gets the medicines for the baby. She wants to make sure that baby is fine. Mrs. Bhalla adds the poison in Ishita’s milk glass to kill her.

Ishita is not aware of the deadly planning. Mrs. Bhalla gets the milk glass for Ishita and asks her to drink it. She feeds it to Ishita. She knows Raman and Ishita won’t doubt on her. She behaves weird, as if she is hypnotized by someone. The problem arises because of baby Adi. Ishita’s life gets in danger. Mrs. Bhalla gets crazy for baby Adi. She gets insecure that baby can get harmed.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam gets a farewell from home. She is going to Pakistan with her biological mother Aayat. She hugs Madiha and others. Everyone cries on Mariam’s leaving. Mariam too gets sad to leave her family. She just thinks to cure Aayat soon and come back to her family. The family members love Mariam a lot and can’t see Mariam’s departure. Majaaz consoles Madiha and hugs her. He assures that Aayat will keep Mariam fine. Mariam is happy to visit a new place and be with Aayat. She doesn’t know that Aayat has evil intentions and is taking her to Pakistan to cure her critically ill son Jibraan.

Aayat is afraid that her truth will come out. She speeds up the process so that no one catches her. Mariam stays positive. She will soon see Aayat’s dark side. Madiha doesn’t trust Aayat. She worries for Mariam, since Aayat is taking Mariam too far from them to another country. She doesn’t want things to go out of hands. She is relieved that Mariam is going with Majaaz.

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