Ishq SubhanAllah: Tension surrounds Zara and Kabeer again

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Zara and Kabeer have new tension again. Kabeer gets a file. Zara has become the new Qazi. She doesn’t want to do any mistake. She tells Kabeer that she can’t focus on her career, because of their personal tensions. She tells him that earlier they fought and reached the divorce phase because of such a case of Shariah board. Zara tells him about the case of Nikaah Halala. He encourages her to see the case well and decide. He asks her what’s her opinion. She tells him that this time she won’t decide anything, as she doesn’t want to lose Kabeer, he should feel disrespect.

She doesn’t want to hurt Kabeer’s heart and ego. He tells her that she should be confident about herself and solve the matter, since he is busy in own personal problems. She tells Kabeer that she needs his advice and guidance in making big decisions.

She makes Kabeer happy by showing her trust and respect for her. He tells her that there is much difference in situation now, they understand each other better now, this time they won’t fight. He asks Zara to always be the same and not change. He has much expectations from Zara. He gets angry on Nilofer. He learns that Miraj didn’t do any fraud in accounts. He realizes that Nilofer lied to Zara and him. He gets an evidence against Nilofer. He asks Zara not to be emotional and not trust Nilofer. He believes Nilofer is cheating them. Kabeer wants to stay with Zara to guide her.


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