Kartik and Naira to express their love in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kartik and Naira express love

Lawyers tell Kartik and Naira that they have shown much concern and affection for each other in front of the counsellor, because of which the counsellor has refused to grant them divorce. They tell Kartik and Naira that they should re-unite if they have much love between each other. Dadi confirms about Kartik and Naira’s chance of becoming parents. She gets happy knowing Naira is pregnant. She wants to save Kartik and Naira’s marriage. She tells Manish that she got a hope of KaiRa’s union and will surely bring them together. Manish gets happy to get Dadi’s strong support. Suwarna understands that Dadi is up to something to unite KaiRa. Dadi wants her family heir. She was yearning for her great grandchild.

Suwarna hides her intentions from the marriage and gives Kartik and Ashi’s kundli to pandit so that she can prepare for their marriage. Kartik is not aware of Suwarna’s planning to invite Ashi home. He doesn’t know that Suwarna wants him to marry Ashi. He can’t explain Suwarna that he still loves Naira.

Kartik learns about Naira’s accident which happened on the day when Shubham died. He sympathizes with Naira and also gets annoyed that she didn’t share about her accident since two years. Kartik realizes that Naira may not be at fault completely. Naira doesn’t owe any explanation to Kartik, since he is blindly following Suwarna’s orders. Suwarna brings her bitterness out for Naira. She hurts her family’s sentiments again. Manish worries seeing Suwarna’s hatred increasing for Naira. Dadi hides her motives from the family.

Dadi conducts a puja for Kartik and Naira, after knowing about Naira’s pregnancy. She learns Suwarna’s plan to get Kartik and Ashi married. Dadi opposes Suwarna, while the latter gets adamant to make Naira turn into Kartik’s past.

Kirti gets suspicious that Suwarna wants Ashi to become a part of Kartik’s life, which is wrong for Kartik and Naira. Kirti feels there is still hope that Kartik will accept Naira back. Kirti doesn’t want Suwarna’s mad anger to ruin Kartik’s entire life. Kartik learns Naira is in danger. He suspects that there is someone in Naira’s house. When he visits Naira, he doesn’t spot any goon there. He asks her what is she doing, he is calling since long time, she didn’t answer calls on mobile or landline. They have a cute argument. Naira asks him to just shut up. They get closer, while she shuts his mouth. They lock their eyes. They have few moments of romance and annoyance. When Kartik decides to leave, the thieves attack Naira. Kartik irritates the thieves by complaining about Naira.

Naira too gets nagging about Kartik. They both argue in front of the thieves, who ask them to just spare their ears and shut up. The thieves hurt Kartik and Naira, which makes the couple take a stand for each other. Kartik and Naira confess their love for each other, and can’t see anyone hurting. Kartik shouts out unspoken love for Naira when he finds her in danger. Even Naira expresses her feelings for Kartik.

KaiRa boldly fight with the thieves, not to punish them for theft, but for the crime to hurt their love partners. Kartik and Naira beat the thieves and run them run away. Singhanias return home and learn about the attack on Naira. They get thankful to Kartik for saving Naira.

Kirti gets Ashi’s kundli by Lav and Kush. She goes to confront Suwarna about the same. She asks Suwarna how can she get Kartik married to Ashi. Suwarna asks Kirti to stay in her limits and not forget that she is Kartik’s mum. Kirti says you are not Kartik and my mother, if you were our real mum, you would have thought for Kartik’s happiness. She gets rude to Suwarna, being frustrated with Suwarna’s misdeeds. She asks Suwarna not to interfere in Kartik’s life. She gets hurting Suwarna’s heart in anger.

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