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High Five Spoilers…..Savitri Devi:
Savitri backs Veer to join the SDCH and reminds him that it is his Papa’s hospital and on his mother’s name. She asks him to join it. She says it is your hospital and you shall not leave it because of someone’s mistake. Gayatri and Dr. Malhotra also ask him to agree. Veer decides to join. He comes to SDCH. Dr. Kabir tells him that he is happy to see him. Veer asks him not to be fall in the misunderstanding that he came on his call and tells that he came here as it is his hospital.

A sadhu tells Nandini that her time will change and she was destined to come there. He says whoever will meet you will be your true life partner. He asks her to close her eyes and see who is in her destiny. Nandini sees Kunal and her moments and gets shocked. She opens her eyes and sees Kunal standing before her. She realizes her feelings for Kunal.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer talks to Imran about his project work. He tells him that Miraj’s isn’t sincere towards the work. He gets stressed that the meeting wasn’t successful. Miraj meets them and asks Kabeer is he is praising him. He scolds Imran, which angers Kabeer. They both get into an argument. Kabeer and Miraj have a big fight on the road. Imran tries to stop them from hurting each other. Zara is trying to solve the new case of Nikaah Halala. She meets the woman at her husband’s house. She learns that the man has beaten his wife Abida to compel her for Halala. She encourages Abida to report the incident to police and file a formal complaint. She learns that Abida isn’t getting support from her parents. She promises to support Abida.

Roop and Ishika hit attitude at each other again. Ishika insults him once again. She throws water on his face. He cleans his face by her dupatta. They both have an argument. She gets irritated by him. She always misunderstands him. She thinks he has insulted her family in the college. She doesn’t know the truth. Their fights go on.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira will be performing a romantic dance. The boys gang will also perform on a rocking number. Dadi plans to stop Suwarna from her motives of Kartik’s remarriage. There will be clash between Dadi and Suwarna. Suwarna tries hard to bring Kartik and Ashi close. Suwarna has become the enemy of Kartik and Naira’s love. She swears to separate them. She hates Naira to the core. She wants Kartik to start her new life with Ashi.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Aarohi will take revenge from Deep. She uses Anjali’s identity and richness to settle scores with Deep. She doesn’t inform Deep and calls the media to Deep’s house. Aarohi wants to defeat Deep and make him pay for all the wrongs done with her. She troubles him to bring his truth out. She becomes a hurdle for his happiness. Deep and Tara get angry when the reporters ask them for the news byte for which they called media home. Deep tells them that he didn’t invite them. Aarohi tells the media that she has called them for a big news, they will know it soon. Aarohi and Deep have an argument.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar learns Kulfi’s truth. He gets stunned seeing her long hair, after removing her hair cap. He blesses Kulfi and gets more emotional. He embraces Kulfi. He sits watching her and recollects the time when Kulfi covered up her truth. He will soon learn that Kulfi is his daughter. The truth starts surfacing in front of him. Mohendar loses courage to tell him entire truth. He prays that Sikandar learns the truth himself. Amyra asks Sikandar did Kulfi get fine. She says Kulfi lied to us, she is a girl, she should get punished for her lie. He explains her that lie told for good, which doesn’t harm anyone, isn’t bad. He tells her that he won’t punish Kulfi, she has tolerated a lot in her life at a young age.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
KK calls Police to get Siddhant arrested. Police come and tell about finding Siddhant’s fingerprints of the murder weapon of Hira. Siddhant tries to prove his innocence, that he didn’t commit murder. Police Inspector tells about Siddhant and Hira’s affair as the motive for the murder. Anushka still trusts Siddhant and doesn’t believe on what she heard. Police arrests Siddhant. Siddhant tells her that he is innocent. KK tells Anushka that he can’t let her marry Siddhant who had an affair with Hira and whom he had killed. Anushka is in dilemma.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe visits Prashant for a purpose. Radhe knows that Prashant has bailed out Dubey. He returns the money to Prashant. Radhe has got money after winning the money reward from the wrestling match. Prashant refuses to keep the money and tells Radhe that its about Krishna, who is much dear to him, he won’t take the money for helping Krishna’s dad. Radhe gets angry hearing Prashant talking about Krishna with love. He tells Prashant that Krishna is his wife, and nobody has a friendly right on her. He gets miffed that Prashant is still dreaming to get Krishna. Radhe demands him to accept the money and leave from Krishna’s life. Radhe gets into a fight with Prashant. Saajan controls Radhe and takes him away.

Aditya thinks he is getting closer to Zoya and thinks he won’t let this happen. He comes to the terrace, fighting with his own feelings. Zoya comes to him and asks him to give his hand to her, thinking he might fall down. He imagines Pooja telling him that Zoya is his first love and asks him to forget the past and take a step towards his future. She asks him what you will choose, your past or future. Zoya is behind Aditya and forwards her hand. Aditya holds her hand and smiles.

Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn’s mother tells Luthras that it is good that they are free from Preeta and her family. Rishabh gets upset with her. He misses Preeta. Meanwhile, Preeta and Karan miss each other. They realize their feelings for each other. Prithvi meets Preeta and tells her that Luthra family doesn’t deserve her and he is the one who deserves her.


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