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TR’s Quick Reads…..Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak tries to talk to Rithvik, but he ignores her call. Mamta asks Aman how did Palak know about Rithvik’s mum and asks if he told her that his mum left him. She asks Aman how close Rithvik is with Palak. Aman tells her that Rithvik told Palak about his mum when he had a high fever and was drowsy in the tent when Palak took care of him. Palak hears them.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Preeti gets scolded by Tai ji for trying to break Naina’s alliance. Rakesh also scolds her. Anand takes a stand for Naina and Preeti. He asks them to let Naina study and pursue her dreams, but nobody listens to him. Sameer tells Sunaina that their Jodi is the best and writes Su before Naina’s name as Ms. Fresher on the blackboard. Sunaina smiles and holds his hand. Naina looks on upset.

Ishika misunderstands Roop and thinks he is trying to interfere in her Taya ji’s family matters. She tells him that this is her house. Dhawal taunts her for staying with them and befriending a mechanic. Roop tells him that they study in the same college. Taya ji asks Roop to leave. Ishika asks Roop to take his reward and leave. Roop looks at her. He thinks to help Vaishnavi.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi taunts King. Pragya gets disturbed and shares with Disha that Abhi shouldn’t have misbehaved with King, after inviting him to his party, if he couldn’t respect him then he shouldn’t have disrespected him. Abhi hears their conversation and gets angry. Purab tries to calm him down. Abhi tells Purab that he will talk to Pragya and says she is expecting him to respect King.


Vivaan meets Meera in the isolated place, where she goes to perform some rituals. He tells her that he loves her and wants her back in his life. He struggles to meet her. She tries to get away. He asks her to listen to him and believe him once. He gets ready to do anything and pass in the tests set by Amar, so that he can convince Amar that he is truly in love with Meera. He wants to show Amar that he will keep Meera happy. Amar doesn’t want Vivaan to hurt Meera more. He knows Vivaan has been arrogant always and hurt Meera’s heart by bitterness always. Vivaan works in the kitchen. He dreams a romantic moment with Meera.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe greets Krishna to start their morning with a smile. He wishes her for Teej. Krishna tells him that there is nothing between Prashant and her. Radhe believes her. Krishna gives him answers to clear his doubts. Radhe learns the truth of her past. He stays happy like always. His mum asks him how can he take the tension casually. Krishna tries to help Bela and Lali in kitchen and prepare the sweets for Teej. She tries to behave normal, but the family members stay rude to her. Krishna gets berated by Radhe’s mum again.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj gets ready to marry Pooja after burying Naren. All the guests and Satish’s family arrive to see the wedding. Pooja thinks she has no proofs to prove Angraj is not Naren and cries. Angraj tells Rahul that Pooja will become his wife now. Pooja decides to wear bridal dress, but will not marry Angraj. She chooses to die and looks at the Poison bottle in her hand. She promises to Naren that she will always be his wife only.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Nidhi tries to kill Vedika. Sahil comes there in time and saves Vedika. He calls the police to get Nidhi arrested. Nidhi planned to elope with Karan, but fails badly. All her hopes shatter when Karan gets against her. Sahil gets close to Bhoomi to turn Vedika jealous. Sahil wanted Vedika to confess her love. Bhoomi also wanted the same. They plan that Vedika will broken down when she sees Sahil moving on with someone else. Sahil announces his engagement with Bhoomi. Vedika didn’t imagine that Bhoomi will accept Sahil knowing everything about them. Bhoomi is hopeful that Vedika will be affected by the engagement. Vedika and Bhoomi wish the best for Sahil. Vedika really gets affected and feels bad seeing Sahil and Bhoomi close. Sahil wants Vedika to break her marriage with Yash. Sahil and Vedika dance in the function.

Nani thinks Soumya has broken the rule which she shall follow for 7 days in a month. She meets a Sadhvi and tells about Soumya. Sadhvi tells that Soumya has done wrong and have to do repentance. Nani comes home and asks Soumya to wear light saree and isolates herself in the room. She says if she follows the customs then God will get happy and will give the heir. Preeto tries to oppose her decision, but Nani stays firm on her belief and says she has to do penance for the adharm.


The real story of Silsila will begin now. Nandini and Kunal get away from the family because of the landslide. They reach the wonderful place where people made the tents in the relief base camp. Kunal sleeps outside the tent and asks Nandini to sleep well. Nandini finds Kunal shivering in cold. She goes to give him a blanket. She feels attracted to Kunal. She wants to stop her feelings and runs away from him. She goes to the tent and rests there. Later, when Kunal finds Nandini near the bonfire, he gets mesmerized. He shows his concern for her, even when he doesn’t want to.


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