Kaleerein: Vivaan to pass the tests for winning Meera’s love

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita's secret unveiling

Vivaan meets Meera in the isolated place, where she goes to perform some rituals. He tells her that he loves her and wants her back in his life. He struggles to meet her. She tries to get away. He asks her to listen to him and believe him once. He gets ready to do anything and pass in the tests set by Amar, so that he can convince Amar that he is truly in love with Meera. He wants to show Amar that he will keep Meera happy. Amar doesn’t want Vivaan to hurt Meera more. He knows Vivaan has been arrogant always and hurt Meera’s heart by bitterness always. Vivaan works in the kitchen. He dreams a romantic moment with Meera.

He soon realizes that its a dream, when he hears Amar calling out for help. Vivaan cooks the food with much difficulty. He faces a tough time while preparing food. He fails to get Meera’s forgiveness. Amar makes Vivaan work round the clock, till Vivaan accepts his defeat and leaves. He sweeps the floor and cleans the house. He finds cooking task the toughest.

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