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Know Upcoming On Star Plus…. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Suwarna threatens Dadi and makes her come back home. They have an argument over accepting Naira again. Kartik and Naira realize their feelings for each other. Singhanias return home and find out the mess done by the robbers. They get worried for Kartik and Naira, who appear fine to them. Kartik tells them that everything is under control. Dadi scolds Suwarna for threatening her. She reminds Suwarna how Kartik was away from her all the while. Suwarna claims that Kartik understands her well that she wants his happiness. She tells Dadi that she also wants Kartik’s life to come on track, she wants his best. She asks Dadi why did she change her mind about Naira.


Daksh makes Shivay approach Tia for the rituals. He wants to assure Tia that she is still valid in Shivay’s life. Shivay goes to make Tia wear the anklets, but his brothers oppose him. Shivay wants Daksh’s words to turn true and Priyanka to recover. They ask Shivay to make Anika wear the anklets as Anika is his wife. They think of changing Shivay’s mind by keeping a fun game. They challenge Shivay to identify his wife among the ladies if he is so sure that Tia is his soul mate. Shivay takes the challenge. He tells them that he can find his wife even if she is hidden among the millions. Omkara blindfolds Shivay and asks him to find Tia to prove himself. Anika feels insulted that Shivay doesn’t regard her wife. Omkara doesn’t let her leave.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar gets ready to fight with fate to get Kulfi back. Sikandar struggles to take Kulfi to the hospital. He can’t afford to lose Kulfi. On the other hand, Lovely tells Cutie that she is sure that Tevar won’t keep Minty happy. She doesn’t tell the reason. Cutie wonders what happened to Lovely. Sikandar barges into the hospital by avoiding the media. He fills the form and signs as Kulfi’s father. He feels bad and responsible for Kulfi’s accident. Reporters get the byte and think if Sikandar is responsible for Kulfi’s accident. They get troubling Sikandar. Doctors tell Sikandar that they can’t operate Kulfi, there are no surgeons available right now, he should better take Kulfi to another hospital.

Krishna Chali London:

Triloki tells Bela that Shukla has played the game well, Krishna might lose her dad. Shukla’s wife learns about Dubey’s suicide. She feels bad for Krishna. She scolds Triloki and Bela for not caring for someone’s life. She calls up Krishna and sympathizes with her. Bela gets revengeful that Krishna wins over her in the family. She can’t stand Krishna getting more love than her. She aims to see Shukla and his wife. Krishna learns that Dubey got conscious and stable. She meets Dubey in the ward and scolds him for losing and attempting suicide. Dubey tells her that he can’t even face her now.

He deeply regrets to get her married in Shukla family. He tells Krishna that he won’t be able to forgive himself for putting her in a hell. He feels sorry that he forced Krishna to marry Radhe, when she wasn’t willing for it. Radhe gets to hear Dubey’s bitterness for them. Shukla asks the inspector to take Dubey back to jail. Dubey gets scared to return to jail. He tells Krishna that he can’t go there again, he can’t bear the humiliation, he could better die. Krishna tells Dubey that she will save him, she won’t let him return to jail. Radhe feels sad that he didn’t succeed to arrange money and save Dubey.

He gets depressed when he fails to help Krishna. Saajan realizes that Radhe is much worried for Krishna and Dubey. Shukla’s wife gives her jewelry to Gajanan and asks him to sell it out to help Dubey. She shows her humane side for the first time. She tells him that Krishna doesn’t deserve this, Dubey shouldn’t die, it will be much wrong with Krishna. Shukla catches them red-handed and punishes them for trying to help Dubey. He gets insulting his wife. He asks her to leave the house if she has to help Krishna. Shukla takes it on his ego. He can’t bear his family going against him. Bela gets happy that she called Shukla home on time and taught a lesson to his wife. Radhe goes for the wrestling match to get beaten up and earn money, in order to help Krishna.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Simmi struggles to take Ananya to the hospital. She pushes a cart and tries to reach the hospital. Simmi works hard, seeing her own daughter in Ananya. She thinks Ishita has hatred for her, and that’s why she has poisoned the girl. Raman and Ishita try to look for Simmi and Ananya. They don’t find Simmi. They spot Simmi’s car on the way. Ishita worries that Ananya may lie. Ishita informs Ruhi about the complex matters. She asks Ruhi to let her know if Simmi comes home. Ruhi tells them that she can help her in tracking Simmi. She tracks Simmi and tells Ishita that they are really close to Simmi. Ruhi disconnects the call to hide the matter from the family. Still, the elders learn about Parmeet’s misdeed. Ruhi tells them that Parmeet is targeting a little girl’s life. She tells how Raman and Ishita are trying to save the girl’s life. Raman finds Simmi finally.

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