Suwarna and Dadi to throw a big challenge in Yeh Rishta…

Suwarna gets happy

Suwarna threatens Dadi and makes her come back home. They have an argument over accepting Naira again. Kartik and Naira realize their feelings for each other. Singhanias return home and find out the mess done by the robbers. They get worried for Kartik and Naira, who appear fine to them. Kartik tells them that everything is under control. Dadi scolds Suwarna for threatening her. She reminds Suwarna how Kartik was away from her all the while. Suwarna claims that Kartik understands her well that she wants his happiness. She tells Dadi that she also wants Kartik’s life to come on track, she wants his best. She asks Dadi why did she change her mind about Naira.

Dadi doesn’t tell her anything. Suwarna and Dadi get adamant on their stands. Suwarna tells Dadi that she has found a perfect match for Kartik, that’s Ashi, Kartik would be happy with her. Dadi doesn’t agree with Suwarna. Kartik and Naira tell the family that they have seen the goons and countered them together. Naksh gets surprised knowing Kartik and Naira managed to beat all the goons. Kartik tells them how he has seen someone on video call and came to check, that’s how he realized the problem.

Singhanias get relieved that they are fine. Suwarna tells Dadi that Naira is Kartik’s past now and Ashi will be his present. Dadi swears to unite KaiRa, while Suwarna swears to separate them forever. Dadi gets angry on Suwarna’s courage to oppose her in a disrespectful way. Kartik and Naira worry for each other and do the aid, while having some memories down the lane. Kartik asks her about her expressing concern in front of the thugs. Naira tells him that it just slipped out unknowingly, she doesn’t have any feelings for him. Both of them get into an argument again. She asks him to better prepare for Mansi’s Sangeet.

Naira has taken all the responsibility in his hands. Kartik tells her that nobody needs to tell him about his duties, he is well aware of everything and will make sure that he does everything perfectly. They show attitude to each other, while hiding their immense love. Naira gets broken down when she thinks of her past. She cries that she won’t be able to dance in Sangeet.

Kirti consoles her. She tells Naira that she can still dance, everything is in her hands. She inspires Naira to dance again. She supports Naira and wants to make sure that Naira’s wish to perform in Sangeet gets fulfilled. Kartik and Ashi practice dance at home. Suwarna gets happy seeing them. Suwarna and Dadi get annoyed with each other, and continue to hide their issues from the family. Dadi wants Kartik and Naira to try and stay together for the sake of the child.

Mansi’s Sangeet decorations get many compliments by the guests. Everyone praises Naira for her efforts. Naira gets jealous on seeing Kartik with Ashi. Dadi tries to put an appointment with the doctor for Naira. She tells the doctor that she wants Naira’s checkup done. Suwarna misses to hear Dadi’s conversation. Kartik gets glad on seeing Naira. He thinks it will be foolish if he finds happiness in such little moments, as they are getting separated. He stays affected when Naira doesn’t talk to him. They get taunting each other. Dadi asks Naira not to dance. She assumes Naira is pregnant. Naira thinks Dadi is talking about her leg injury. Dadi tells her that Kartik didn’t tell her anything, but she has learnt the matter on her own. She tells Naira that she has spoken to a doctor as well, as they are still related. The confusion around her pregnancy gets increasing. Naira gets happy to know that Dadi doesn’t hate her for the past. Kirti and Dadi plan to make Kartik and Naira perform and fulfill Naira’s wish.

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