Silsila Baldate Rishton Ka: Mauli to surprise Kunal-Nandini

Silsila: Kunal's hearty apology to Nandini

In Silsila Baldate Rishton Ka, Kunal and Nandini finally get to meet Mauli at the base camp. Mauli hugs Nandini and asks if she is fine. She thanks Kunal for supporting Nandini. She gets to see Kunal hurt. She feels lucky to have such a husband, since he has risked his life for her friend. She hugs Kunal and confesses love. She tells them that she has faced much difficulties to reach the camp, but she wanted to surprise them. Kunal and Nandini don’t know how to react seeing Mauli. They have mixed feelings.

Mauli asks Kunal about the bracelet she gave him. He worries as he lost it while saving Nandini. He starts clarifying about it. Mauli asks him to relax, he is much important, nothing else matters to her. She tells him how scared she was when she got parted with him. She has much faith in Kunal. She knows Kunal loves her a lot. She doesn’t feel any insecurity because of Nandini. She has no doubts on Kunal or Nandini.

Mauli doesn’t sense the upcoming storm in her life. Mauli jokes and asks Kunal if he isn’t happy seeing her. She says even Nandini looks upset, as if she is troubled by something. She asks Nandini if she has to share anything. Nandini feels guilty to have feelings for Kunal, who is Mauli’s world. Mauli asks them if they had food or not. She asks Nandini to relax, and have coffee. She asks them to come home, she will check Nandini’s BP. Kunal says Nandini is in shock over the happening and maybe she is feeling weak. Mauli says Dida is waiting for you, she wants to personally thank you for fulfilling her Mannat. Mauli tells them that she was really bothered with the thought that she will lose Kunal forever, she can’t imagine her life without Kunal. Kunal doesn’t want to cheat Mauli, knowing her immense love.

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