Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to protect Vedika from tragic widow customs

Sahil protects Vedika

After Yash’s death, Vedika gets tortured. Pandit insults Vedika a lot. He tells her that she has married twice and turned widow, she is very unlucky, she shouldn’t have a place in the house, and live in an ashram for the rest of her life. Badi Amma and Puneesh enjoy the drama. Vedika is forced to get bald as per the old customs when a woman turns into a widow. Vedika dons the white saree. She mourns for Yash. She doesn’t want to give up her hair and finds the old traditions wrong. When Manjula forces Vedika, Sahil steps ahead and condemns the evil doers.

He gets into a fight with the pandit. Pandit curses Sahil and asks him not to go against the old customs, else he will face hardships in life. He asks Sahil to let him fulfill the rituals.

Sahil beats the pandit. He warns pandit against hurting Vedika. Sahil and Bhoomi support Vedika and save her from humiliation. Sahil says people have gone on Mars, you are still believing these old customs, which is against humanity, times are changing and we should also change, at least we can become good human beings, if we are so afraid of Lord, devotion and belief don’t teach us to harm anyone. He asks pandit to realize his mistake and stop misbehaving with any helpless woman.

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