Krishna Chali London: Shukla to oust Radhe and Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla's new vicious plan

Dubey wants Krishna and Radhe to get divorced. He insults Shukla in rage. Shukla and Dubey have a big argument. Dubey drags Shukla on the roads and insults him in front of the neighborhood. Shukla loses his cool. Dubey asks Shukla will he get him arrested again. Radhe tells Shukla that he has done wrong with Dubey and should apologize. He supports Krishna. Shukla ousts Radhe and Krishna from the house, and asks them to manage their living. Shukla can’t stand that Radhe has become Krishna’s puppet.

Shukla asks Radhe to keep the money he earned, and gives extra money as Teej shagun. He asks Radhe to leave. Radhe says I m your favorite son, how can you make me leave. Shukla says you aren’t my son now, you are Krishna’s husband now. He gets much angry on Radhe. Shukla asks the family not to support Radhe. Krishna feels bad that Radhe is parting ways with his family because of her. She cries for Radhe’s sorrow. Radhe’s mum blames Krishna for everything. She doesn’t bless Krishna. She feels she has lost her son because of Krishna.

Radhe wants to avoid the divorce by some way. He can leave his house and family to support Krishna. Radhe accepts Shukla’s decision. Radhe tells Krishna that he will look after her, they can do anything, but not bear more tortures from Shukla. Radhe wonders if he did anything wrong that he is ousted from the family. Krishna and Radhe get together and make a decision to leave the family. They move out of Shukla’s house. Radhe’s mum cries and asks Radhe not to go. She doesn’t want her son to go. She loves Radhe a lot. She opposes Shukla to throw out their son on the eve of Teej.


Their happiness turns into sorrow. Shukla and his wife get into an argument. Radhe doesn’t know where to take Krishna. He gets much upset and thinks of his family. Krishna keeps numb, as she knows what is Radhe going through. Saajan meets them on the way and scolds Radhe for alienating him. He asks Radhe why didn’t he come to his friend’s house. Radhe doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He stays frustrated. He says I m finding a house to live. Saajan beats Radhe with love and asks him how could he forget their childhood friendship. He puts some sense in Radhe’s mind. Saajan tells Radhe that they are friends and like brothers, Radhe will just stay with him. He takes Radhe and Krishna home. He asks Guddan to look after Krishna well. Saajan and Guddan make sure that Radhe and Krishna don’t have any problem in their house.

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