Kullfi and Mariam’s lives filled with happiness and sorrow

Kullfi and Mariam face twists

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar learns that Kulfi is a girl. He doesn’t learn the entire truth that she is his own daughter. Kulfi soon gets discharged from the hospital. Sikandar looks after her and helps her recover. Kulfi and Sikandar share good happy moments. They sing songs and play. Sikandar likes her innocent talk and hugs her. He gets happy to see Kulfi in girl avatar. He asks Kulfi to keep smiling always. Things will change in Kulfi’s life now. He plans a surprise for Kulfi. She tries to know about it. He tells her that surprise isn’t revealed. Kulfi’s room gets decorated. Sikandar gets cute dresses for her and adores her. Their bond gets stronger, which upsets Amyra. Kulfi recollects Nimrat’s words. She wants to give Nimrat’s diary to Sikandar, and make him read it, so that he can help her find her father. She has no idea that Sikandar is her father, about whom Nimrat was signing her.

Mariam Khan Reporting LIVE:
Aayat makes sure that Mariam gives up on her hopes and agrees for the surgery. She tortures Mariam by feeding her green chillies. She tells Mariam that the storeroom will be her living space now. She tells Mariam that she will not bear any mischief or mistakes, she believes in punishing the wrong doer. Mariam tells her that she was just helping her. Aayat limits Mariam from entering Jibraan’s room. Mariam gets her toys which resembles her family. She misses her entire family, Majaaz, Madiha and sisters. She gets the toys beside her and sleeps, feeling their presence. Mariam hears someone and goes to see. Aayat doesn’t want Mariam’s interference in her family. She punishes Mariam again.

Majaaz calls up Aayat to talk to Mariam. He informs them that he is soon coming there. When Mariam cries, Aayat makes her wear black shades to hide her tears. She forcibly feeds Mariam. She asks Mariam to talk to Majaaz on video call, but behave normal. Mariam has to go for the bone marrow surgery to save Jibraan. Aayat scares Mariam by locking her in a storeroom. Mariam misses her family. She recollects Majaaz’s words and gets courage to withstand the tortures. She wants to go back to the family. Aayat has no plans of sending her back. She asks Mariam to keep waiting for Majaaz, who would never come to take her home.



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