Kumkum Bhagya (PicFiction): Abhi rescues Pragya’s life from a fatal attack

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi throws a big challenge for Pragya

In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya gets nostalgic after meeting her family members. King tries to ask Pragya what is she hiding, but she blames him for hiding something from her. She knows to play with words and get saved from his questions. King gets sure that she is hiding something from him. Tanu gets knife from kitchen and thinks to cut the rope and makes chandelier fall on Pragya as they have planned, but Pragya sees the knife when Tanu collides with her. Pragya questions her what is she doing with knife. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya tells Pragya that Tanu brought knife for cake cutting and hands over the knife to servant. Aaliya scolds Tanu and tells that they have to change the plan. Mitali asks Abhi and Tanu to play the game, but both of them refuse. Pragya doubts on Tanu.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she will go and cut the rope and asks her to bring Pragya stand under the chandelier. Tanu plays the game with Abhi, but couldn’t identify him. She loses the game since she doesn’t love him by her heart. Tanu just wants to achieve Abhi’s love.

Pragya smiles when she sees Tanu losing badly. She prefers to stay away from the game. Tanu tries to get Pragya to the spot and devises a plan. Tanu challenges Pragya to play the game with King and win. She tells that they are Delhi’s best couple and asks Pragya and king to prove that they are best too. Pragya and King look at each other. Pragya and King play the game happily, while Abhi turns jealous seeing them. The chandelier rope gets cut, while Abhi senses this. He runs to save Pragya. The family worries for Pragya and shouts out to her. Abhi risks his life by coming under the chandelier, but manages to save himself and Pragya in nick of the time. King witnesses their love chemistry and gets hint of their past.


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