Mayavi Maling: Shil Aditya to unite with family

Maling spoilers

Angad reveals the truth of his look alike to Pranali. He tells her that he is extremely hurt knowing she has romanced a stranger, without identifying her husband. He tells how Madhumali held him captive to fulfill her motives, when she has seen him getting away from his aims. He gets angry on her. She clears his doubts and tells him that nothing happened between her and his look alike. He trusts her and gets a big relief that she just loves him. He apologizes to her. He feels happy that Pranali values his love. He confesses love to Pranali. Angad tells her that Madhumali is trying to access the sacred lake of Maling and finish its purity by placing the demonic weapon, which would entitle the lake to Marekeyasur. Everyone stays in peace knowing Angad is not a demon now.

Angad tells Pranali that he will not be a demon like his mother now, he can’t cheat her. She asks him if he will finish the lake and follow his mother’s orders. He asks her to believe him, they won’t initiate anything wrong in Maling. Madhumali realizes that Angad hasn’t placed the weapon inside the secret chamber of the lake, which means he hasn’t fulfilled his goals.

She gets angry on Angad’s cheat and tries to destroy Maling. She invokes Marekeyasur. Angad and Pranali return to the family, who blesses them. Angad tells Pranali that Madhumali is attacking Maling in anger, and just he can face her. He protects Pranali and rest of the people inside the palace, and goes to stop Madhumali. She confronts him for breaking her trust. Marekeyasur appears and gets punishing Angad for his cheat. Pranali tells the family about Angad’s look alike who was fooling them. Chegu alerts everyone about the battle between both good and evil clans. Chegu and Haran try hard to get out of the shell created by Angad. Pranali wants to save Angad from Marekeyasur.

Garima senses Shil Aditya’s presence and tells the family. Shil Aditya returns to the palace and looks for the family. They get distanced by the protective shell. He gets emotional on meeting his family after a long time. The family gets happy to know that he is fine. He gets trying to save his happy. Angad asks Marekeyasur and Madhumali to kill him before they attack Maling. Shil Aditya breaks the shell and unites with his family. Maling Rajya tries to defeat Marekeyasur. Maling Princesses declare a battle with the demon king.

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