Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi to turn Deep bankrupt

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep arrested for Aarohi's murder

Aarohi learns that Deep and Tara have got the property, which already belongs to Virat. She claims her share in the property. She tells Tara that she won’t leave the house. Tara gets angry. Deep controls Tara’s anger. Aarohi tells them that she has all the legal papers, she will not leave her rights. She instigates Virat against Tara. Tara sees the game changing and does a drama to befriend Anjali/Aarohi.

Shockingly, Deep turns bankrupt. The money lenders come home to ask for the money repayment. They get insulting Deep. They ask Deep to return their money. Deep asks them why did they come without intimation. The man tells Deep that the cheque bounced and this is the reason that he has come, he isn’t lying. Deep says this can’t happen, I have enough funds in my bank account. All the men complain the same thing and tell Deep that he tricked them by giving cheques when he didn’t wish to pay them.

Deep asks them to let him check with the bank. He calls the bank and learns that he has no funds in his account. He realizes Tara has taken away all the funds. He angrily shouts to Tara to ask about the funds transfer. Tara tells him that she doesn’t know anything about it. Aarohi reaches Deep to help. She introduces herself as Anjali and tells the men that she has much funds in her account, she can pay all the loans if Deep allows her. Deep gets angry knowing its her plan.

She keeps her conditions and gets some documents to have his written statement, that he will become her employee. Deep refuses to her conditions. He calls his lawyer home. He asks the men to give him 15 days time for the repayment. He tears Aarohi’s documents and dumps it. He asks the men to have faith in him and keep patience for some days. Deep tells Aarohi that he doesn’t need her help, he is self-sufficient to manage his funds problem.

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