Tevar and Lovely to create a havoc in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Amyra gets angry when she finds Sikandar’s concern for Kulfi. Sikandar forgives Kulfi for her lie and hugs her. Amyra gets upset that Sikandar didn’t punish Kulfi for hiding her identity. Kulfi tells Sikandar that her uncle made her don a boy’s get up to protect her from unknown danger. Sikandar cries hearing Kulfi’s sobbing story. Sikandar tries to explain Amyra about Kulfi’s struggle and the need to lie. Amyra rushes out and meets Tevar, who consoles her. He breaks out the truth to Amyra that he is her real father, which gets shocking for Amyra. Tevar wants Lovely back in his life. Lovely lies to Amyra and keeps Tevar away from her. Lovely wonders why Kulfi lied to the family about her gender. She then checks Kulfi’s mother’s potli (like handbag), hoping it contains some clues about Kulfi’s parents.

Kulfi gets keen to check Nimrat’s diary and hand it over to Sikandar, to know about her father. She asks Sikandar to get her belongings and the potli, which can help her a lot. Sikandar tells her that she can check everything when she comes home. He asks her to get well first. He is happy to get another daughter.

Lovely gets Sikandar’s gifted diary to Nimrat, which contains his songs. She gets moved when she learns that Kulfi is Nimrat’s daughter. She understands that Kulfi has come to the city to find her father, and still Kulfi is unaware that Sikandar is her father. She thinks of hiding this truth for the sake of Amyra. She can’t put her life at stake because of Kulfi. Kulfi misses Nimrat’s potli. Sikandar cheers her and promises to help her out in finding her father. He regrets a lot knowing her struggles in the city.

Sikandar pampers Kulfi with love. He gets designers for Kulfi. He asks the servants to get everything that Kulfi likes. Kulfi gets dressed like Amyra does. Sikandar compliments Kulfi seeing her in a girl’s getup. He hugs Kulfi. She gets much love from Sikandar. Kulfi is very happy to get a new place in Sikandar’s family. She gets to live as a girl. She turns happy that she got rid of the lie. She tells the family that even she wasn’t happy to lie to them, it was tough for her to stay as a boy. She hugs Bebe and Mohendar and takes their blessings. They know Kulfi’s identity that she belongs to Sikandar’s family. They hug Kulfi and love her a lot.

Lovely prepares a shock for the family. Mohendar asks Lovely what is she doing with Kulfi if she will feed the poisonous milk to Kulfi. She accepts that she has added the poison in the milk, but he doesn’t need to worry as its not for his dear Kulfi, its for herself and Amyra. He asks Lovely if she has lost her mind.

She tells Mohendar that Amyra and she will leave from Sikandar’s life, then the family can stay happy with Kulfi. She hides the truth that Amyra has sent Kulfi with David and put her in trouble. She says Amyra also lives in this house, but everyone hates her so much, that no one is asking about her after Kulfi’s return. She emotionally blackmails Mohendar and asks him not to reveal Kulfi’s truth to Sikandar. She tells him that if Bebe and he tell the truth to Sikandar that Kulfi is Sikandar and Nimrat’s daughter, then Sikandar will get mad with happiness and love Kulfi, he will not care for Amyra anymore. She prevents them from revealing truth so that Amyra’s future is secured. Mohendar and Bebe stop Lovely from drinking the poisoned milk and promise that they won’t tell the truth to Sikandar. Lovely develops hatred for Kulfi. She threatens of suicide to get things in her control.

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