Udaan: Saanvi’s death to separate SuKor

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

There will be a separation track for SuKor. Suraj and Chakor lose their Saanvi, when the kidnappers throw away Saanvi into the lake, down the cliff. Suraj and Chakor madly look for Saanvi, and get dying thinking that they have lost Saanvi forever. Suraj jumps into the river to find Saanvi. He doesn’t find her. Chakor didn’t imagine that she will lose her world. Saanvi gets drowned. Chakor cries and hugs Suraj. He gets angry on her that she got the police and angered the kidnapper. Suraj blames Chakor for losing their Saanvi. He doesn’t know that the police was employed by Imli. Police intentionally played the drama along with the hired kidnappers so that Suraj loses Saanvi and parts ways with Chakor. Suraj and Chakor return home with the shocking news for the family that they lost Saanvi.

Everyone gets shocked over Saanvi’s drowning. Suraj sits in a shock, while Gumaan doesn’t leave a chance to instigate him against Chakor. He makes Suraj raging to take revenge from Chakor for his daughter’s loss.


Gumaan shouts on Chakor for putting Saanvi’s life in risk by taking the police. Gumaan supports Imli and wants to prove that he is suitable to win her love. He tells Imli that he will make sure that Suraj and Chakor get away. The situation gets terrible for Chakor.

Suraj says Gumaan is right, if Chakor didn’t get police, kidnappers would have given Saanvi. He tells Chakor that a child bonds a husband and wife, when Chakor has broken this bond by his over smartness, she has no right to live with him in his haveli. Chakor asks Suraj how can he think that she can put Saanvi’s life in danger. She clarifies that inspector didn’t listen to her when she tried to stop the police, inspector decided on his own and proceeded to nab the kidnappers. She explains that she didn’t do anything wrong, she was also worried for Saanvi’s life.

Suraj says when I made you swear, why did you come there, didn’t you trust me that I will save our daughter, did you think I m incapable to save Saanvi, you came there and even got police, when everyone blamed you, I supported you, you took advantage of my love and did what you wanted, I lost my Saanvi because of you. He sinks in sorrow. He doesn’t realize Chakor’s sorrow.

Gumaan asks Chakor is she a mother or an evil person, first she left Saanvi alone in the car and then when the kidnappers asked them not to inform police, she took the police, this happened because of her. He says Suraj, you told me not to tell anything to Chakor, but look at her, what did she do, I warned Suraj before, Chakor is Saanvi’s enemy, she can’t be a mother.

Gumaan provokes Suraj and asks him to react, instead bearing Chakor. Tejaswini says Gumaan is saying right, its Chakor’s mistake. Suraj also vents out his anger on Chakor. He forgets his limits in rage.

Suraj doesn’t listen to her and drags her out of the haveli. Kasturi and Bhuvan feel bad. Chakor asks them to explain Suraj, she has also lost her child, she is also in pain. Suraj says our relation also ended with Saanvi’s death. Suraj shuts the door. Chakor pleads to him. Chakor says I will die without you, open the door, listen to me once. Chakor breaks down. Suraj is much hurt. Chakor tells Kasturi and Bhuvan that she will never return in Suraj’s house and life now. She leaves with her parents with a broken heart. Suraj misunderstands Chakor because of Imli and Gumaan’s plotting. Suraj can’t believe that the house turned lonely without Chakor and Saanvi, just because of Chakor’s mistake. He can’t take it anymore. The family sheds tears for Saanvi’s death and Suraj-Chakor’s separation.

Imli rescues Saanvi and turns her into a bandhua, just to fulfill her dream. Gumaan’s revenge also gets fulfilled, since he ruins Chakor’s life. Suraj tells Tejaswini that he is leaving Aazaadgunj, he won’t be able to live in the haveli without Chakor and Suraj.

Suraj leaves his life behind and moves on to a city. Chakor will also be leaving Aazaadgunj, only to come back after some years. Saanvi will be seen growing up as little Anjor, whom Chakor meets after a long time. Chakor finds Anjor similar to her, and hopes that Anjor will bring a change in Aazaadgunj. Chakor and Anjor will get together, when the track repeats history post the short leap. Chakor wants to free Anjor from ‘bandhuagiri’. Anjor sees Chakor’s concern and asks if Chakor is her mother.

Anjor introduces herself and tells her that she is the light that sheds darkness. Chakor likes her happy, confident and bold behavior. Anjor’s cuteness will be seen. Gumaan and Imli make more bandhuas and rule over the villagers. The people lose freedom and get their hands tied up by bandhuagiri. Their voices get suppressed. Saanvi as Anjor brings a ray of hope for Chakor. Chakor and Anjor will find happiness in their new world.


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