Kaleerein: Vivaan to witness Amar’s seething step

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita's secret unveiling

Amar asks Meera not to accept Vivaan. Dolly supports Meera and Vivaan. Amar has told them not to keep any relation with Vivaan. He learns that Dolly has gone to meet Vivaan and help him out. He gets angry that Dolly went against him, and ends his relation of twenty five years. He shocks Dolly by doing their relation’s Shraddh. Meera finds Dolly breaking down. She supports Dolly. Amar tells Meera that Dolly has to pay for her mistake, all this is happening just because of Vivaan.

Vivaan feels guilty seeing Dolly’s sorrowful tears. Amar keeps the condition and asks Vivaan to leave from their house, if he wants to see things fine again. Vivaan agrees to Amar for the sake of his family peace. Meera gets emotional. Dolly tells Meera that she is ready to give up anything for saving Meera and Vivaan’s relation, but Vivaan doesn’t want Dolly to make a sacrifice. Amar is doing everything to protect Meera’s happiness. He feels Vivaan can never keep Meera happy.


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