Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar to shatter with Lovely’s big revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Lovely gets mad for the rights of Amyra. She blackmails Mohendar and Bebe for Amyra’s life. She takes their promise that they will never break the truth to Sikandar. Lovely tells them that Amyra and she will give up their lives if they go against their word. Sikandar asks Lovely to come with her and meet Kulfi. Tevar gets calling Lovely. She avoids the tension. Kulfi dresses as a girl, which surprises Sikandar. He gets happy with her. He tells her that he has paid for her dresses with his card. She asks him if the card gets money by magic. She also makes a card for herself. When he hands over the surprises to her, she gives him the card, telling that it has lots of money.

He smiles on her innocence. She tells her that she doesn’t want any debt. He asks if his love for her is a debt for her. She apologizes to him and admits him that love isn’t a debt. He asks her not to cry, and keep smiling. Amyra tells Lovely that she is with Tevar, who is also like her dad. Lovely gets a big shock knowing Amyra is regarding Tevar her dad.

Tevar raps for Amyra and cheers her. He spends good time with her. He shows his belief in Amyra. He runs to help Amyra when she falls down. He tells Amyra that she is fine. She enjoys in the playground in Tevar’s house. Lovely comes there and gets angry on Amyra. She tries to keep Amyra away from Tevar. Tevar confronts Lovely for hiding the truth about Amyra being his daughter. She breaks out a truth that she has aborted their child. Sikandar pampers Kulfi. Amyra insults Kulfi for lying to them. Kulfi tries to melt Amyra’s heart and faces her hatred. Sikandar feels bad. Lovely scolds Tevar.

He gets angry that she has broke his heart and married someone else, how could she abort his child. He breaks down by her truth. He feels shattered knowing Amyra isn’t his daughter. Kulfi tells Amyra that she didn’t wish to break her uncle’s promise so she had to lie to everyone Amyra tells her that she doesn’t want her friendship. Kulfi doesn’t matter to Amyra. Amyra asks Lovely to make Kulfi out of her life. Lovely already faces the stress by Tevar. Sikandar tells Lalwani that he will not sing with Amyra. Lovely wants Sikandar to perform with Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to sing for Amyra.

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