Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to strike IshRa with his master plan

Parmeet to strike IshRa

Parmeet gets dressed as a clown to hide his identity. He kidnaps Pihu to trouble Raman and Ishita. He shouts and screams in order to scare Pihu. He attempts many times to make her afraid. She doesn’t get scared. She instead threatens the clown. She insults him and tells him that he is a coward, so he has kidnapped a kid. She gets angry on him and asks him if he isn’t ashamed of his doings. He tells her that he can never meet her parents now. Simmi informs Raman and Ishita about the place where Parmeet has kept Pihu captive. Raman and Ishita rush to the place and ask Simmi to try to convince Parmeet.

Simmi asks Parmeet to leave Pihu, but he doesn’t listen. Parmeet sends Simmi to hit Raman’s car. Raman worries for Simmi after the hit. Simmi helps Raman and Ishita reach Pihu.

Parmeet and Simmi have an argument. Raman worries that Parmeet can take any wrong step in his madness. He promises to let Parmeet free. Parmeet asks Simmi did she change her side and join her brother. Simmi asks Parmeet to leave Pihu, she is still with him. She requests him to spare Ishita. Parmeet wants to kill Ishita. He gets mad in his revenge ire. Raman beats up Parmeet in order to save his family. Simmi tries to trap Parmeet by her drama. She has become positive. She saves Pihu. She has realized Parmeet’s evil and joined her family again. She wants to repent for her sins by saving Pihu’s life.

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