Shakti: Nani to oust Soumya from Singh family

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Nani keeps the fast, which makes her health bad. Soumya wants Nani to break the fast. She tells Preeto that this is the only way to break Nani’s fast, Nani has a right to know the truth, she deserves to know about Harman’s life. Soumya dresses up as a kinner and goes downstairs, while clapping and behaving like kinners do. Nani gets puzzled and asks Soumya what is she doing. Preeto tries hard to stop Soumya. When Soumya doesn’t listen, Preeto scolds Soumya and asks her to tell everyone that Soumya is a kinner. Nani can’t believe Soumya’s kinner avatar. She didn’t imagine that Soumya is a kinner.

Harak Singh tells Nani that nobody is listening to him, Soumya has ruined the house. He holds Soumya responsible for his house division. Nani gets angry on Soumya and pulls her hair. She tells Soumya that she will bring Soumya’s truth out in front of everyone. Soumya tells Nani that she has become a kinner to have food and then break Nani’s fast.

Nani gets enraged and can’t accept this big shock. She goes to kitchen to get kerosene oil. She threatens to burn Soumya alive. She reprimands Soumya for trapping Harman and ruining his life. Nani gets igniting the fire. Soumya gets her hero at the right time. Harman comes there and stops Nani from harming Soumya. Preeto sends Harman and Soumya away to calm the matter. Nani can’t believe that Harman is so mad after a kinner. Preeto gets happy that her son and bahu have left the house, to live their life their way. She happily dances and shocks everyone by her mixed emotions. Nani decides to leave Singh house, being heartbroken with Harman’s big deceive. What will Harman do to get Soumya her rights? Keep reading.

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