Silsila: Rajdeep gets hell bent to win Nandini back

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Rajdeep gets angry on his friend, who is also a lawyer by profession. His friend handles his divorce case. He asks Rajdeep why did he hurry for divorce. Rajdeep says Nandini wants divorce, Mauli is provoking Nandini, how dare Nandini decide to divorce me, she is an illiterate woman. He doesn’t want to spare Mauli. The lawyer tells him that Nandini signed on the divorce papers, which is a proof that Rajdeep tortured her, Mauli isn’t known to the judge, who will just believe Nandini’s words.

He says your jail record is enough for the judge to grant the divorce, you won’t get any reconciliation period of six months. Rajdeep gets angry on his friend and asks who are you to lecture me on divorce, who is that judge to grand me divorce, are you my friend or an enemy, you think you will decide about my marriage and divorce.

He then calms down and tells him that he wanted to teach Nandini a lesson and threatened her about divorce, he didn’t know that Nandini will seriously take this.

He says I m Rajdeep Thakur, I have married Nandini, its not a joke, she will come back to me, she won’t have any option, I m paying you for finding a solution for me. He then apologizes to his friend and asks him to find some solution to get Nandini back in his life. He asks the lawyer to help him out and get him out of this divorce mess. His friend asks him to control his temper, as this can make his case weak in the court. Rajdeep shares a drink with his friend. He gets too stressed. On the other hand, Nandini gets cursing herself for falling for Kunal. Will she get back to Rajdeep and keep her marriage, to stay away from Kunal and Mauli’s happy world? Keep reading.

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