Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar gears up for a trip to Chirauli

Sikandar wants to go Chairauli

Kulfi sweetly sings for Sikandar and convinces him to sing with Amyra in concert and also let her sing for Amyra. On the other hand, Lovely calls up Tevar and tries to prove that Amyra is Sikandar’s daughter. She asks him not to break her marriage with Sikandar, as Amyra loves her a lot. She begs him not to hurt Amyra’s emotions. Sikandar gets touched with Kulfi’s genuine goodness. He spends time with her. Tevar doesn’t get convinced about Amyra. He thinks Lovely is lying to him. He goes to the hospital to check old records and know if Amyra is his daughter. Sikandar asks Kulfi who is she, that she can melt anyone’s heart. He asks her not to share her success with Amyra.

She tells him that she wants to share her happiness and success with them. He finally gives in for the sake of her happiness. Tevar learns that Lovely got the hospital records deleted. His doubt gets certain. He thinks of confronting Lovely about it. Amyra gets angry on Kulfi knowing that Sikandar has learnt her secret. He tells Amyra that Lovely has told him the truth.

He advises her not to walk on the wrong path. He accepts his mistake for drawing Amyra towards jealousy because of his behavior. He asks Amyra to give him a chance to mend his mistakes. He makes his daughter understand. He tells Amyra that she means a world to him. He tells the family that Kulfi has convinced him to sing with Amyra, it was tough to agree to Kulfi. He doesn’t want to cheat his art and music.

Tevar learns that Lovely lied to him. He gets too angry. Amyra gets emotional and thanks Kulfi for doing this miracle. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will go to Chirauli with her. Lovely wants to stop him from going. Sikandar thinks he can’t cheat his art this way by making Kulfi sing for Amyra. He tries to train Amyra so that she can sing on her own. He sings along with his daughters. Kulfi shows keen interest in his songs, while Amyra falls sleepy. He tells them about the independence and freedom fights’ struggle. He finds both the girls poles apart. Kulfi wishes Sikandar finds her dad.

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