Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet to lay a clever cave trap for IshRa

Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita to die

Ishita saves Simmi and Pihu from Parmeet, while Raman gets severely injured. Simmi runs away from Parmeet. She takes Pihu with her. Raman and Ishita get happy that Simmi has taken Pihu away. Parmeet follows Simmi and reaches her. Simmi and Pihu fall inside a cave. Parmeet shuts the cave’s entry point by a huge boulder. Parmeet has crossed limits this time. He gets crazy and wants to kill Raman, Ishita, Pihu and even Simmi this time. He is angered that Simmi has cheated him. He gets rolling on the floor and laughs on their miseries. He doesn’t want his enemies to get spared. Parmeet enjoys finding them in this huge trouble. Parmeet boasts of his victory and makes a quick leave from the spot.

Raman and Ishita reach there and look for Simmi and Pihu. They hear Simmi shouting for help and remove the boulder from the cave’s front. They find Simmi and Pihu stuck inside. Raman asks Simmi not to worry, they have reached and will save them. Ishita and Raman get ropes. Raman asks Ishita to get in and bring them out, while he applies all his strength to hold the rope and pull all of them out.

Raman suffers after falling inside the pit. Ishita is the only one who can help him. She tries her best to save Raman. She finally gets Raman out of the pit. Raman gets worried when she attempts to get Simmi and Pihu out. It starts raining heavily. Raman sheds tears. Raman and Ishita didn’t imagine they will face such a tough time. Raman’s wound bleeds while he attempts to save his family. Ishita tells Raman that she isn’t able to hold on for long. She doesn’t want his wound to bleed more. Raman tells Ishita that he will try to enter the cave. Raman also falls in the huge pit and reaches the mysterious cave. He asks Ishita to call for help. Ishita runs to nearby village to seek help, but doesn’t get anyone. She then gets guidance by an old lady and runs back to rescue Raman.


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