Jiji Maa’s big twist: Falguni to find Shreya alive

Big twist in Jiji maa

There will be big twist when Falguni receives a sign of Uttara’s deceive. She suspects Uttara’s foul play. She finds a boy who comes in Krishna’s avatar. The boy takes her Rudraksh beads and runs away. Falguni follows the boy. The boy’s mother apologizes to Falguni and tells her that the boy is playing Krishna’s role in a film, but he is really mischievous. She tells about the film shooting going on. Falguni forgives the boy. She gets stunned seeing Shreya as the film’s actress. She recollects Shreya and her death. She tries to meet Shreya to confront her, but fails.

Meanwhile, Uttara meets Shreya at the film set and threatens her about keeping her secret. She doesn’t want Shreya to tell Falguni the truth. She says I have done a big thing by acting good towards Falguni, if you turn alive for Falguni, she will understand everything. She threatens Shreya about Chiku. Shreya asks Uttara not to harm Chiku, she will do everything as she says. Falguni reaches there, but Uttara spots her. Uttara and Shreya hide from Falguni. Falguni gets suspicious and wants to know the entire truth.

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