Udaan: Gumaan to make false promises to dominate Anjor

Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj

Anjor tries to meet Imli at the haveli and ask about school admission. Gumaan stops Anjor and scolds her. He doesn’t want to fulfill her wish. He knows Imli has just promised Anjor to end people’s doubts on him. Anjor gets insulted by Gumaan and his guards. Gumaan asks Anjor to leave. She tells Gumaan that Imli is really good, she will really help her. Guard laughs on Anjor’s dreams. Anjor hides from the guards and gets under a stall to enter the haveli. She gets into a fight with Gumaan’s son Rohan.

Rohan gets angry on her. Anjor tells them that she wants to study. Rohan makes Anjor feel inferior and laughs on her poverty. Gumaan feels proud of his son. The family laughs on Anjor. Anjor feels humiliated.

Gumaan provokes Rohan further. He pampers his son a lot, and ill treats Anjor. Rohan is very similar to Gumaan. Anjor doesn’t leave and gets adamant. Gumaan then tries to get rid of her. He promises that he will give her an admission in school. She gets happy and plays dhol. Rohan asks Anjor who will become her servant now, who will clean his house’s mess. He asks Gumaan not to send Anjor to school. Gumaan doesn’t want to keep his promise. He just lies to send away Anjor. Gumaan doesn’t want Imli to use Anjor against him.

Gumaan and Imli get into an argument. Gumaan gets the upper hand after finding Anjor. He blackmails Imli. He tells Imli that he can tell Suraj and Chakor about Imli’s revengeful side. He threatens to reveal her crime to Suraj and Chakor. He asks her to think what will Suraj and Chakor do if they know Imli has sent away their Saanvi by planning that fake kidnapping and death. He asks Imli not to try to control him, else it will turn more futile for her.

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