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Jiji Maa

Know Upcoming on Star… Ishqbaaz: Shivay asks Anika to sign the papers. She tells him that she left the papers at her home. He gets a duplicate copy and asks her to sign on the papers. She asks him to sign first, she will sign afterwards. He asks her to do the same. She insists him and makes him sign first. He asks her to go ahead and sign, since the lawyer is waiting for the papers to file in court. Anika feels sorrowful to sign the papers. She signs the papers and tells him that relations don’t break easily. He tells her that one should end the bonds that hurts. Shivay gets hurt seeing her signs on the papers. Shivay and Anika feel shattering. Anika follows him to see if there are any emotions left in him. He goes to hand over the papers to his lawyer. He also wishes that someone stops him.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kullfi asks Sikandar to practice a song with her. She offers help to train Amyra too. Amyra gets angry on Kulfi. She doesn’t want Kulfi to shine. Amyra forgets the lyrics. Sikandar asks Amyra to learn well, why isn’t she giving her best, she doesn’t want to work hard. He tells her that he is making a big sacrifice for her and she doesn’t understand it. Amyra cries on seeing his anger. She feels Kulfi is responsible for her insult. Sikandar doesn’t want to make any mistake. Kulfi tells him that this isn’t wrong, Amyra will sing soon. She asks him not to worry for her. She consoles Sikandar. Sikandar gets upset. Tevar cheers up Amyra again. He makes her smile and asks her to always smile. Amyra complains to him about Kulfi. Tevar gets to listen to her cute complains. Amyra tells him how everyone gives importance to Kulfi.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira shed tears on their separation. Suwarna waits for the news and gets restless seeing the family preparing a surprise for KaiRa. Rajshri misses to see them and stays hopeful that their divorce didn’t happen. Kirti tells her that maybe they went home by now, since the court is closed. Kirti spots the lawyers and asks Naksh to ask them. Rajshri asks the lawyers about the divorce. The lawyers break the bad news, that Kartik and Naira got divorced, the case is closed now, they got free of each other. Rajshri can’t believe that she failed to stop Kartik and Naira. She regrets that she didn’t reach to them on time. Kartik and Naira reach the same shade to avoid the rains. Naira gets upset seeing him and tries to ignore him. Kartik requests her to stay back. They try to break their silence and oddness. Kirti and Naksh console Rajshri.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla and his wife regret for sending Radhe away from them. Shukla doesn’t take the food and sleeps. He worries for Radhe but hides his concern. Radhe doesn’t want to talk to them, thinking nobody is missing him at him. Krishna blames herself for Radhe’s state. Bela and Triloki celebrate that Radhe and Krishna have got ousted from the home. Bela aims to teach a lesson to Shukla and his wife. She asks Triloki not to get Radhe come back home. She advises him to get the property papers signed by Shukla. Dubey and Bua tell Prashant that Krishna didn’t come back with them, she has refused for divorcing Radhe, she wants to reform them.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni spots Shreya at the shooting set and learns her real name Pooja. She follows Shreya and tries to talk to her. Shreya avoids Falguni and hides from her. Uttara meets Shreya, who threatens her about Chiku. She asks Shreya why didn’t she hide from Falguni for few days. She gets angry on Shreya for risking her big goals by her foolishness. Shreya gets into an argument with Uttara. Uttara tells Shreya that she won’t let her stay alive if she turns useless for her, and she can harm her daughter Chiku as well. Shreya gets scared and begs her not to hurt Chiku. She agrees to mislead Falguni until the surgery happens. Falguni reaches Shreya, but misses to see her or Uttara. She wonders if she was mistaken about spotting Shreya. Uttara warns Shreya against committing any mistake.


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