Krishna Chali London: Shukla’s new vicious plan

Krishna Chali London: Shukla's new vicious plan

Radhe gets imagining Krishna during the class. He doesn’t pay attention on lectures. He day dreams and romances Krishna. He loves Krishna a lot. The reality is different. Radhe gets a big shock when he gets a misconception about Krishna and Prashant. He gets drunk and vents out frustration on Krishna. Everyone thinks Krishna is wrong, but Shukla is behind entire plotting. Krishna faces new trouble when IT officials enter Shukla house and ruin everything. Shukla has played the new drama. He has given the business responsibility to Krishna. He wants to prove that Krishna can’t manage anything. He calls the IT officials home and gets the house raided.

He plots the IT raid drama to give tensions to Krishna. He asks Krishna to show the legal papers and handle the matter. He knows Krishna won’t be able to manage the tax matter. Krishna tells Shukla that she has already paid the tax by taking help from Prashant.

She tries to call Prashant to seek the receipts to stop the raid. Prashant doesn’t answer her. Krishna can’t tell anything to the family. She has no idea that Shukla and Prashant are together to trouble her. Prashant avoids Krishna till the raid gets over. She apologizes to Shukla that she doesn’t have the receipt, its with Prashant. Officers don’t believe her and carry on with the raid process. She deals with her personal problems with Radhe. She gets too busy to think well and understand Shukla’s plotting. Shukla projects Krishna in a bad light. The officers slap Shukla as well. Shukla rages in anger during his drama. He acts helpless and shattered. The officers seize the cash and jewelry. He tries to stop the officers. Shukla gets beaten up. Radhe comes to his rescue and learns the tax matter.

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