Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer-Zara sort their differences

Ishq SubhanAllah Another shocker for Kabeer-Zara

Kabeer and Zara’s emotional and lovey dovey moments will be seen. They prepare for the Eid. Zara enacts Kabeer and brings a smile on his face. Kabeer tells her that he can’t imagine his life without her. He tells her that her beauty always leaves him stunned and speechless, he loses all his senses on seeing her innocence. Zara likes his compliments. She asks him not to stay upset with him. He asks her not to look so stunning always. They end their differences on the eve of Eid. He confesses love to Zara.

He asks her never to get any matter between them. She wishes him on Eid. The divorce thing gets new drama in between them. He asks her not to be stubborn, since that makes us distance. She asks him not to upset his mood on Eid. Kabeer handles the police when they arrive to arrest Zara for Nilofer’s murder. Kabeer tells inspector that someone else has given the poison to Nilofer. The family loses its name because of the police case. Police doesn’t listen to Kabeer and produces the evidences. Zara will prove her innocence.


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