Krishna Chali London: Shukla’s heart stroke to panic family

Krishna Chali London Shukla to sense another doom

Krishna stops Radhe and Prashant from fighting. She asks Radhe not to fight like ridiculous illiterate people. Radhe tells her that he can’t see Prashant forcing her to leave with him. She asks him to let her handle the matter. Prashant asks her to look at herself and her silly in-laws family. He questions her if this was her dream. Shukla and his family get angry when Krishna yells at Radhe. She then surprises Radhe and everyone by criticizing Prashant for compelling her to leave. She asks Prashant who gave him this right to decide for her life. She scolds Prashant and asks him no to interfere in her life. She tells him that she isn’t a puppet, now she will decide for her life, she doesn’t want to sacrifice her own wish. She asks Prashant to leave from her house.

Shukla and his family witness everything. Radhe gets happy that Krishna supported him. Radhe misses his family. Krishna takes him to Saajan’s house. Radhe tells her that he will not spare Prashant next time. She takes his class. She asks him to pursue education and become independent.

Shukla suffers a heart stroke, which panics his entire family. Shukla summons Radhe. The family rushes him to hospital. Krishna reaches them and does the first aid herself. She instructs Radhe to pump Shukla’s heart. Shukla feels better when Krishna gives him medicines. The doctor treats Shukla. He praises Krishna for taking the necessary steps to secure Shukla’s life. He tells them that Shukla has survived the minor heart attack. He asks them not to give Shukla any kind of stress. The family breaks down, thinking they can’t afford to lose Shukla. Radhe apologizes to Shukla for hurting his heart. Shukla gets emotional. He tells Radhe that they find him wrong always. He expresses his feelings to Radhe. Radhe understands his pain. Shukla asks Radhe to come back home, as he means his world to him. Radhe and Krishna decide to return home. Shukla will bring out his true avatar once again. He meets Prashant to hatch a plan against Radhe and Krishna.

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