Ishqbaaz: Tej to roll up the family politics again

Ishqbaaz: SHOCKING Tej conspires to kill Omkara-Rudra

In Ishqbaaz, Anika meets Nikhil and tells him that she doesn’t love him, it was just friendship for her, she didn’t wish to turn down his proposal, but now she has understood what she wants in her life, she loves Shivay to whom she got married. She refuses to marry Nikhil and asks him to forgive her. He gets angry on mocking marriage. She reminds him that he also left her in the marriage mandap and mocked the marriage. He asks her if she is taking revenge now. She tells him that she has forgiven him, and now he should forgive her. She tells Nikhil that she will explain Shivay. Shivay meets Anika, who appears very cheerful. She stops him from calling Nikhil. She tells him that she has called off her marriage, since she is already married. She calls him Billu and teases him. She tells him that they shouldn’t have married that way, but since he has apologized, she has forgiven him. She asks him not to feel so guilty that he doesn’t realize he is doing wrong once again.

He doesn’t understand what she wants. She tells him that he needs to understand it now. He gets preparing himself for her haldi ceremony with Nikhil. She tells him that haldi ceremony will be for them. She asks him to realize that they both are married to each other. He tells her that he has signed papers already. She shows him the sign error. He tells her that he didn’t mean to make the error. She tells him that its a signal of fate, which he needs to acknowledge. She tells him that they are together after seeing many ups and downs, since they are meant to be together as per destiny.

He tells her that all that he wants is her happiness. She replies that her happiness lies in him and their marriage. She tells him that its her final decision, she can’t marry Nikhil. He tells her that he won’t have any problem if she marries anyone else. She asks him if it won’t make any difference when she goes away from him. He tells her that he really won’t care. She turns into old khidkitod Anika and splashes water over his face.

Anika asks Gauri to call Shivay as Jija ji, since she has accepted him as her husband. This surprises everyone. Omkara gets happy and makes a video. Shivay asks them if they have gone mad.

Tej and Jhanvi return home, and surprise their children. A new wave of happiness adds up. They congratulate Shivay and get disappointed that Shivay didn’t inform them about marriage. Anika apologizes to them, and gets acceptance by them. Anika tells them that her pre-marriage functions didn’t happen and this has upset Shivay a lot. Anika tries to become Shivay’s Biwi No. 1. Tej tries to compare Omkara with Shivay. He wants Omkara to take Shivay’s place or go ahead of him.

Omkara tells him that Shivay is more than his real brother. Tej thinks Omkara and Rudra are being foolish to blindly follow Shivay. He wants his sons to get some senses. Jhanvi feels Shivay isn’t happy with his marriage. Tej asks her not to worry, as Shivay didn’t consult them before the marriage. Anika plans the pre-marriage ceremonies. Anika tells Shivay that she has married him and she believes in her marriage, she isn’t interested in a re-marriage. She asks him to accept the destiny now. She tells him that she will take the challenge and prove their relation matters to them as well. Anika catches an allergy because of the flowers brought by Shivay. She wants to see if Shivay really cares. Shivay turns into a caring person again.

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