Jiji Maa: Uttara to finally blurt out her crimes

Jiji Maa Twist: Uttara's crimes to get surfaced

Uttara keeps a Mata Rani puja at home. Shreya takes a disguise of a dancer and comes there, as per Falguni’s plan. The family is supporting Falguni. Uttara gets a big shock seeing Shreya at home. She doesn’t want Shreya to reveal her truth to the family. Falguni fails to prove Uttara’s crime. She makes the last attempt and dresses as Durga Maa. She fakes to kill Vidhaan to punish Uttara. She doesn’t get back and asks the family to let her try her best to expose Uttara. She is sure that Uttara will break down with Vidhaan’s death and will accept everything.

Uttara tries to kill Shreya by a deadly chandelier, but Vidhaan gets in between. Vidhaan gets stabbed and faints. Uttara feels she has lost her son forever. Suyash asks someone to call the ambulance.


Falguni appears as Maa Durga and tells Uttara that she is paying for her crimes. Uttara cries for her misdeeds. She begs to Durga Maa to forgive her and give a life to her son. Uttara breaks down and confesses all her crimes. She asks Vidhaan to get back to life. Uttara admits that she has killed Gayatri and also attempted to kill Suyash. She sheds tears and feels guilty that she lost Vidhaan because of her own greed. The family witnesses Uttara’s shocking confession. Uttara feels she has lost in her life, and gives up her battle with Falguni. Suyash will be seen believing Falguni and supporting her now.

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