Jiji Maa: Huge twists mark the end of Uttara’s evil

High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

In Jiji Maa, Uttara accepts all her crimes. She gets angry knowing about Falguni’s drama. She goes to stab Suyash and kill her in a fit of rage. Jayant stops her. They can’t tolerate Uttara’s true evil face and crimes. Uttara gets panicking when she sees her big defeat. She asks Vidhaan not to believe Falguni. She tries to get him on her side. She then tells him that she has done everything for his sake. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything, not even any business or property, that separates him from his family. She tells him that she has made Rawat textiles, she can’t let Suyash take away everything. She tells Jayant that his dad has done much injustice with them, she wasn’t left with any option, she wanted to get Suyash married to a girl who won’t bear his child.

She reveals that Niyati was pregnant with Vidhaan’s child before their marriage, so I was helpless to accept Niyati, but I have kept a condition for Falguni, and asked her to marry Suyash, I have played this game to make Falguni promise me that she will never give birth to Suyash’s child, she did as I said and then she started rebelling.


She loses her temper when she gets exposed. She bravely accepts all her crimes. She tries to kill Falguni as well. It gets painful for Suyash to see Uttara’s truth. He breaks down seeing Uttara’s real face. He tells Uttara that he never imagined her hatred for him.

He begs her to end all the problems by killing him. He gets ready to sacrifice his life for her sake. He tells her that the property doesn’t matter to him, if she told him to name everything to Vidhaan, he would have done this, but her wrong doings have shattered him now. He says this property can never be equal to my love and respect for you, today you have lost everything by your own hands. He asks Uttara to take his life. Uttara express his hatred for Suyash. She tells him that it was tough for him to fake love to him. She asks him why didn’t he save her when she was caught in the fire, along with Falguni, he has chosen to save Falguni that time. She tells him that he can never be like her own son. Vidhaan tells her that he denies to accept her as his mother.

She gets angry and slaps Vidhaan. Vidhaan calls the police to get Uttara arrested. Uttara holds Falguni responsible for this. She promises to return for revenge. Suyash, Vidhaan and Jayant apologize to Falguni for not believing her before and losing so much in life because of Uttara. Suyash shatters with Uttara’s truth coming out this way. Falguni supports him, since it was not his fault.

Shreya meets Chiku for the final time. She leaves Chiku with Falguni. She asks Falguni to become Chiku’s guardian. She realizes that she is reaping the sorrow because of her bad deeds. Shreya changes into a good person. She surrenders to police. She wants to come back for Chiku. She apologizes to Chiku for cheating her with fake death scene. She gets emotional, but admits her mistake. She tells Chiku that Suyash isn’t her dad. She wants Chiku to be with Suyash and Falguni, till she returns from jail.


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