Silsila: Nandini’s emotional take on Mauli’s confession

Silsila: Nandini gets hurt by Mauli's aggression

At Nandini’s house warming ceremony, she throws a dinner feast for everyone. Everyone sings, dances, parties and celebrates Nandini’s bright future. Dida suggests them to play truth or dare game. She praises Nandini’s bravery for deciding to live alone and independent. She likes Nandini’s decision to make her own life. Dida tells her love story to them. She gives a dare to Mauli and asks her to kiss the one whom she loves the most. Mauli kisses Kunal and expresses happiness to have him as her husband. Nandini also gets a dare by Dida, which shocks everyone.

Dida asks Nandini to drink champagne. Nandini drinks the champagne, and tells them that its simple thing for her, as she has been tortured by Rajdeep a lot, if she has tolerated so much in the past, this task is not big. She feels like losing her senses after consuming the champagne. She fears that she can speak her feelings for Kunal in intoxicated state. Nandini wants to be independent and prove that she can do anything. Everyone thinks she doesn’t have any courage to do any dare, and she will opt for saying truth, but Nandini does the dare. Nandini hears Mauli’s confession about Kunal. She gets emotional.


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