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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers… Udaan: Chakor and Anjor get bonding. They aren’t aware of their relationship. Chakor tells her that she listens to the soothing lullaby from her mother and sleeps. Anjor tells her that she is afraid thinking about the goons and kidnapping. She asks Chakor to sing a lullaby for her. Chakor sings a lullaby for her and imagines Saanvi with her. Chakor decides to stay back in Aazaadgunj and work for the village’s betterment. Anjor feels good in Chakor’s presence and enjoys their new friendship.

Savitri Devi:
There will be a spirit drama in Savitri Devi Hospital. Veer and Sanchi will be seen dealing with new tough situations when they unravel a mystery of the locked room in the hostel, where an intern had committed suicide. Veer and Sanchi will get hints from the spirit. This makes Sanchi get deep into the matter and surface the details about the dead intern.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Post the bone marrow operation twist, Mariam unwilling becomes the donor for Jibraan’s operation. She donates the bone marrow by undergoing the difficult surgery. She saves Jibraan’s life. She hopes Aayat will spare her now, but she meets a different reality. She gets punished by Aayat, when Junaid tries to trouble Jibraan and frames Mariam in the crime. Mariam gets badly tortured by Aayat. Aayat doesn’t care for her life. She just wants Jibraan to recover. Mariam tells Aayat that she was trying to save Jibraan, she didn’t aim to trouble him. Hamdam and Junaid plan to kill Jibraan.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham and Ilaychi are getting engaged, just because of Bebe’s wish. Pancham’s Bebe scolds him, knowing about his marriage with Pinto. She asks Pancham what black magic did Pinto do on him that he married her. She slaps Pancham. Bebe doesn’t know Pancham and Pinto’s marriage drama. She wants Pancham to marry Ilaychi. She likes Ilaychi a lot. She blesses Ilaychi and asks her to stay happy, and focus on career, rather than being after fooling Pancham. Ilaychi’s engagement dreams break down with Bebe’s departure.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar claims that Kulfi is his daughter. This brings a big shock for Sikandar. Sikandar gets too engrossed in sorrow, that he forgets about Amyra. Amyra gets angry on Sikandar. She tells him that he didn’t think to find her and just went ahead to perform with Kulfi. She tells him that she was locked inside the green room and shouted for help, but nobody came to her rescue. She asks Sikandar and Lovely why didn’t they care for her, she was left outside the house for whole night because of Kulfi. Tevar has locked up Amyra in the green room to limit her from stealing Kulfi’s talents. Lovely’s lie about Kulfi brings more trouble for Amyra. Sikandar tells Amyra that he was worried for Kulfi after Tevar’s claim.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara makes prayers for her relationship and Kabeer’s welfare. She is leaving from Kabeer’s house for some days, so that Kabeer convinces his family about their relation. She worries seeing the family equations getting worse. She wants to sacrifice her love for the sake of love. She tells him that she wants to protect his family. Kabeer consoles him. She tells Kabeer that she has found only one solution for his problems. She asks him to divorce her. He feels she is emotionally broken down that she is giving up on their relation. He asks her how she can lose like this if she has fight for others’ relations.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira meet again, while they celebrate Rakshabandhan with their siblings. Naira doesn’t want Mansi and Kirti’s happiness to get down. She hides her sorrow and asks Singhanias not to ruin their relations with Goenkas. Naira ties the Rakhi to her brother Naksh, while Kirti and Mansi tie Rakhi to Kartik. Naksh celebrates the festive unwillingly, as he knows Naira is too upset, while keeping a fake smile on her face. Mansi and Anmol are also unhappy post Kartik and Naira’s divorce. Everyone feels awkward. Suwarna also attends the function and stays on toes to keep Kartik away from Naira.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay’s family celebrates Raksha bandhan. Gayatri and Vasu tie rakhi to their respective brothers. Mandira is out of Vijay and his family’s lives. Vijay wishes Mandira never returns in their lives. Vasu ties a rakhi to Bulbul, and regards her as her protective brother. The family expects Bulbul to give them good news, but when Bulbul meets the gynac, she learns that she can never have a child. She breaks this truth to Vijay and Sadhna. Bulbul expresses her sorrow to Sadhna that she can never conceive now. She tells Sadhna that Vijay was happy with the thought of becoming a father, and now our happiness got snatched.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan proposes Pankti and gets marrying her. Rangoli challenges Pankti that she will snatch Ahaan from her. Ahaan and Pankti’s love story gets suffering because of Rangoli’s psychotic obsession for Ahaan.


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