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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Anika takes up Shivay’s advice and takes it seriously. She burns her hands in order to get the haldi rituals performed by Shivay. He asks her how is she so prone to accidents. She tells him that she wanted to make something special for the family, and got her hands burnt by mistake. She asks Shivay how will her haldi ceremony get ahead now. Jhanvi asks Shivay to apply haldi to Anika, so that her wounds get healed soon. Anika insists Shivay and makes him perform the haldi rituals by bearing the pain. Anika rejoices in her haldi ceremony. Shivay understands that she has purposely burnt her hands. She tells him that its fine to hurt herself if she had to win the challenge. She asks him to spend his life with her. He still maintains that he doesn’t care for her. They share a magical moment of love.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Manish wants Kartik to move on in life. He doesn’t listen to Kartik’s excuses and compels him to handle the new project. Surekha tells Dadi that Rukmani wants Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Dadi doesn’t agree to conduct any rituals. Goenkas disapprove the decision of Singhanias. The families get into a new tiff. Suwarna tells Dadi that she doesn’t want Kartik to face Naira again. Surekha asks Suwarna not to create any issue, as life isn’t about one relation of Kartik and Naira. Kartik wants the families to meet. He waits for any agreement between them. Rukmani learns that Goenkas have refused for the celebrations. Naira understands that its because of her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita get trapped inside the cave, while the family struggles to save them. They think of some ways to come out. Parmeet gets happy that Raman and Ishita aren’t getting any help. Raman and Ishita become each other’s support. They get saved from the ditch. Ruhi panics fearing that she will lose her parents. Parmeet watches their struggles and gets fun. He is sure that nobody can rescue Raman and Ishita now. He wants them to die inside the cave. The family misses to see Parmeet hiding away. They call more villagers to get a rescue team for Raman and Ishita’s escape. Raman and Ishita find the cave very unsafe and full of obstacles. Mani and Shagun try to get the rescue team soon. They struggle to contact the police. Mani rushes to get police to seek help.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely hurts Kulfi’s heart once again, which breaks the little girl into tears. Kulfi makes prayers for Sikandar, which gets answered. Tevar fools Amyra that he is on her side. He wishes her all the best and then locks her inside the room. Sikandar and Amyra are called on stage for the big performance, for which everyone is awaiting since long. Amyra finds herself locked inside. Everyone waits for Amyra on the stage. Sikandar wants Amyra to become her pride by listening to his request. He doesn’t want Amyra to come on the stage. He tells everyone that the song he is singing is composed by a little girl, and he doesn’t need the credit for it. He talks about Kulfi on the stage. He tells everyone that he is really inspired by a little girl, who lost everything in her life, except her morale. He praises Kulfi. Lovely thinks Amyra isn’t inside the room.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla lets Krishna handle his business. She tells Shukla that she wants Radhe to get educated so that he can handle the family business and help them. The family doesn’t approve Krishna’s idea, but Shukla agrees to Krishna. This shocks the entire family. Shukla tells them that Krishna is educated and wants to get Radhe to her level. He asks Krishna to go ahead and support Radhe in his education attempt. Krishna takes Radhe to his tuitions. Shukla informs Prashant about Krishna and Radhe’s love story getting jerks. He asks Prashant to contact Krishna and take their games ahead.

Krishna meets Shukla with the accounts files. She asks him to make some corrections. Shukla asks Krishna not to give him any shocks, else he will get a heart attack again. Krishna asks him to pay the taxes on time, else there will be problems for his business. Shukla acts thankful to her. He tells Krishna that his business matters a lot to him. She tells him that she will keep his trust and not incur any losses. Shukla feels she is a big idiot to believe him. Radhe gets bored in the class. He imagines Krishna’s stunning performance which fills life in him again. She asks him to have interest in studies.

Krishna and Radhe romance in his dream sequence. He upsets the teacher by his misbehavior in the class. Radhe gets ousted from the class. Shukla informs him that Krishna has left from home to pick him. Radhe gets happy that Krishna is coming to his tuition centre. Prashant meets Krishna at the Excise duty office. He lends her help. She tells him that she will solve her matters. He tells her that he can really ease out things for her. Prashant makes sure that Radhe sights them together. Radhe sees them together at the cafe and gets a wrong impression. Radhe gets disappointed with Krishna.

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