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TR’s Quick Reads… Mariam Khan:
Junaid and Hamdam plan to harm Mariam and Jibraan and leave some honey bees in the room. Mariam sees Jibraan getting bitten by bees and gets a fire torch to save him. Water falls over Mariam and Jibraan, which makes the bees away, but Jibraan falls ill. He gets shivering. Aayat gets to see them and worries for Jibraan. She fears that he can get a paralysis attack. She vents out anger on Mariam and gets a misconception. She suffocates Mariam when Jibraan faints down. Aayat doesn’t want to leave Mariam at any cost. Mariam gives up to Aayat’s tortures. Majaaz attempts to reach Mariam and save her.

Udaan: Chakor returns to her old house in Aazaadgunj. Anjor lightens her sorrow, on seeing Chakor crying. Chakor recollects her old memories and also regrets over losing everything in her life. She holds good memories with her house. She gets emotional. She thinks of Suraj and their love vows. She feels sad to lose Saanvi. She tells Anjor that this is her house, she is also from Aazaadgunj and spent her entire childhood here. She tells Anjor about her childhood memories and her relationship with her sister Imli. Anjor tries to cheer her up by diverting her mind.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
The family waits for Vijay and Bulbul to return from the hospital. They await a good news. Bulbul returns home and tells everyone that doctor has given them a good news, that she can become a mother through surrogacy. Vijay explains the family about surrogacy. They don’t understand the process and question Vijay that Bulbul won’t become a mother this way. Vijay tells them that it will be their child, but some other woman will be giving birth to the child. Vijay explains Gayatri and Sadhna that surrogacy is possible. He gives them some ideal examples and convinces them. He wants the family to support Bulbul. This small hope brings much happiness in Bulbul. She tells Sadhna that she will become a mother soon. Vijay and Bulbul have to find the surrogate for getting their child.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik and Naira are trying to move on in their lives, though on different fronts. Rukmani plans a grand celebrations for Raksha Bandhan festive. Rukmani thanks everyone for the fun. She takes the guests to the food counters. Ashi’s boyfriend Karan tells Ashi that Suwarna wants Kartik to marry her. Akhilesh gets angry on Karan. She asks Ashi who gave this right to Karan to come here and speak bad about Kartik and her. He reminds Karan his limits. Everyone gets to see the drama. Akhilesh doesn’t want Karan to misbehave with anyone. He asks Ashi to limit her friend from interfering in Goenka family matters. Ashi tries to explain them that its all a misconception. She clears out that she loves Karan and will not marry Kartik, which gives a new shock to Suwarna.


Daksh and Tia vow to shatter Shivay and Anika’s lives. They learn about Shivika’s celebrations and plot a new entry in Shivay’s life, so that the woman can succeed to woo Shivay and separate him from Anika. Shockingly, the woman gets murdered. A new twist comes in Shivay and Anika’s lives. Shivay gets trapped in a murder case. He gets a huge shock when he wakes up in the morning and sees his hands blood stained. He tries to recollect what happened the last night. He can’t believe his eyes when he sees a woman stabbed, lying on the bed. The murder mystery will be intensified.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara has got exposed and arrested to get punished for her numerous crimes. Everyone regrets for Uttara’s crimes. Falguni and Niyati find Suyash and Vidhaan in much pain. Suyash maintains his long silence, while Vidhaan expresses his sorrow through tears and anger. He ruins all his memories with Uttara. He removes Uttara from their pictures. Niyati consoles Vidhaan. Niyati gets a Rakhi for Falguni. She reminds Falguni about their childhood moment. She tells Falguni that Vidhaan is falling weak, they have to pacify Suyash and Vidhaan. She says you have always protected me and kept the respect of a Rakhi, but this year we can’t celebrate this festival because of the sorrow in the family.


There are chaos in the city because of the riots in Zoya’s locality. She gets hurt and runs to save Arshad. Aditya looks for her and wants to know if she is fine. He worries for Zoya. She finds Aditya and hugs him. He gets glad that she has come to seek his help, but he gets upset when he learns that she is worried for Arshad. He thinks if Zoya has feelings for Arshad. He gets heartbroken and misunderstands her concern for Arshad. The riots track will bring shocking twists in Aditya and Zoya’s lives.

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