Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar to publicly make a shocking revelation

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: 'Homeless' twist for Tevar-Kulfi

Lovely hurts Kulfi’s heart once again, which breaks the little girl into tears. Kulfi makes prayers for Sikandar, which gets answered. Tevar fools Amyra that he is on her side. He wishes her all the best and then locks her inside the room. Sikandar and Amyra are called on stage for the big performance, for which everyone is awaiting since long. Amyra finds herself locked inside. Everyone waits for Amyra on the stage. Sikandar wants Amyra to become her pride by listening to his request. He doesn’t want Amyra to come on the stage. He tells everyone that the song he is singing is composed by a little girl, and he doesn’t need the credit for it. He talks about Kulfi on the stage. He tells everyone that he is really inspired by a little girl, who lost everything in her life, except her morale. He praises Kulfi. Lovely thinks Amyra isn’t inside the room.

She wonders where is Amyra. She panics on not finding Amyra. Tevar sees Kulfi backstage and asks her to go ahead to sing, since Amyra hasn’t come. Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi. Kulfi starts singing backstage, while Tevar brings her on the stage. Amyra gets a huge shock on seeing this. Kulfi didn’t mean to steal Amyra’s big chance. She was happily lending her voice to Amyra. Sikandar gets delighted to see Kulfi with him. The father-daughter duo happily sing on the stage, breaking Lovely and Amyra’s hearts. Lovely realizes Tevar has done this and wonders why. Tevar tells Lovely that Kulfi deserves to be with Sikandar on the stage. Everyone gets to see emotional moments between Sikandar and Kulfi.

Amyra gets raging that Kulfi has replaced her once again. She can’t take this anymore. Tevar applauds for Kulfi. Sikandar gets grateful to Tevar for getting justice for Kulfi. Amyra feels Sikandar has done all this by locking her inside the room. She concludes that Sikandar failed to prove his love for his daughter and loses belief in him.

Sikandar tells everyone about Kulfi, who has inspired him and helped him in composing this song. Tevar tells everyone that he wants to introduce Kulfi in a way so that nobody forgets her identity. He introduces Kulfi to the world as his daughter, which shocks Sikandar to the core. Lovely thinks Kulfi will be forever away from Sikandar now. Tevar tells Kulfi that he is her father, who didn’t do justice with her till now. Sikandar can’t lose Kulfi this way. He doesn’t believe Tevar. Tevar asks Kulfi to come to him, while she doesn’t leave Sikandar’s hand. Tevar realizes their strong bond and gets angry. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he will verify Tevar’s claim. Kulfi tells them that she won’t believe anything till Sikandar says it himself. Sikandar and Tevar get into an argument over Kulfi. Will Kulfi’s truth come out during this clash? Keep reading.


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