Udaan: Chakor to get justice for Anjor’s sufferings

Udaan: Chakor to get justice for Anjor's sufferings

In Udaan, Chakor returns to her old house in Aazaadgunj. Anjor lightens her sorrow, on seeing Chakor crying. Chakor recollects her old memories and also regrets over losing everything in her life. She holds good memories with her house. She gets emotional. She thinks of Suraj and their love vows. She feels sad to lose Saanvi. She tells Anjor that this is her house, she is also from Aazaadgunj and spent her entire childhood here. She tells Anjor about her childhood memories and her relationship with her sister Imli. Anjor tries to cheer her up by diverting her mind.

Chakor and Anjor get bonding. They aren’t aware of their relationship. Chakor tells her that she listens to the soothing lullaby from her mother and sleeps. Anjor tells her that she is afraid thinking about the goons and kidnapping.

She asks Chakor to sing a lullaby for her. Chakor sings a lullaby for her and imagines Saanvi with her. Chakor decides to stay back in Aazaadgunj and work for the village’s betterment. Anjor feels good in Chakor’s presence and enjoys their new friendship.

Kasturi asks Chakor to stay back in the same house, since they have no time to think now, they should relocate back to Aazaadgunj for betterment of the people. Chakor tells Kasturi that she doesn’t want to face her memories she had with Suraj. She says I will go back once my duties towards Anjor end, you shouldn’t keep any hopes with me. Kasturi asks her why isn’t she giving her life another chance. She says if I stay back here forever, you can’t stay away from me and had to come back some day. Chakor asks Kasturi not to change her decision. She wants to punish Anjor’s culprits and secure Anjor’s future. Will Anjor succeed in stopping Chakor in Aazaadgunj? Keep reading.

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