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Know Upcoming On Star… Jiji Maa:
Falguni takes the Durga avatar and tells Uttara that she has lost Vidhaan by her own misdeeds. She gears up to scare and punish Uttara. This makes Uttara confess her crimes. She makes a true confession. Everyone witnesses Uttara’s truth. Uttara gets a big shock when she finds Falguni alive. She learns that the family knew about Falguni’s survival and played along to expose her truth. She then reveals that she has done everything against Suyash, Gayatri and Falguni so that she can get property for Vidhaan. This shocks the family, especially Vidhaan.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay acts alienated towards Anika once again. She wonders what happened to him all of a sudden. Daksh meets Nikhil and asks him if he is running away. Nikhil tells Daksh that Anika has broken their alliance, there isn’t any marriage happening now. Daksh gets insulting him and asks him if he is running away with the cash. Nikhil tells Daksh that Shivay had given him money for marriage expenses, but since Anika doesn’t want to marry him, he is happy with the money. He wants to leave the city. Daksh tells him that he wants Anika and revenge at any cost. He doesn’t let Nikhil go. Nikhil tells Daksh that he won’t support him in this. Daksh attacks him. Anika tries to talk to Shivay, but he makes a leave for office.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Both the families meet for Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Kartik gets grateful to Rukmani for convincing everyone for the festive. Nandini tells Dadi that Kirti was adamant and left the function to attend Bhabhimaa. Dadi gets upset by Kirti’s absence. Naksh tells them that Kirti has sent a message for her brothers. Naksh asks then to respect Kirti’s word, since Kirti wants all of them to be happy. Rukmani thanks them for agreeing to her request. Dadi asks Rukmani not to blackmail them about Mansi. Rukmani tells them that Mansi and Anmol would be leaving for US, and its better if they plan any celebrations. Devyaani and Suwarna get into an argument and blame each other.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar tells Sikandar that Kulfi is his child. They return home and have a confrontation. Lovely wonders if Tevar will tell Sikandar that she has told him about Kulfi. Sikandar doesn’t believe Tevar. He asks Tevar to go and get his lover, to prove his word that he is Kulfi’s father. Lovely asks Tevar to clarify. Mohendar tells them that he doesn’t believe Tevar. Tevar tells him that Kulfi is his daughter, he never lies, if he doesn’t trust him, he can ask Kulfi’s aunt Nihalo. He tells Sikandar that Nihalo has told him the truth about Kulfi. Mohendar gets confused when Tevar tells them about Nihalo. Kulfi asks Tevar if he met her uncle. Tevar tells her that he has just met her aunt. Kulfi tells them that her aunt is a big liar, and can’t be trusted. Lovely asks Kulfi not to say so.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe gets upset when he finds Krishna with Prashant. Prashant knows that Radhe is looking at them and acts more friendly with her. He tries to cheer up Krishna so that she appears happy with him. Shukla gets happy to knock off Krishna from his family. He doesn’t want Krishna to captivate Radhe’s senses by her love. He is sure that Radhe will leave Krishna when he learns about her fondness for Prashant. He celebrates his success. His wife witnesses his madness and cries. He cooks up a story that he is playing with Radhe’s childhood toys, as he loves Radhe a lot. She gets afraid, sensing his next move. Krishna thanks Prashant for the help. He makes sure that he makes Radhe jealous. He apologizes to Krishna for cheating her at the time of marriage. He tells her that he is really regretting. She advises him to forget the past and move on.

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai:

Imli and Malai look forward to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Puttan. They learn that Genda has gone to the jail to meet the former CM Chaitu Lal. Imli feels insecure about Genda and Chaitu’s meet. While Puttan makes a promise to Imli that he will give her any desired gift on Raksha Bandhan, she keeps a tough condition and puts him into a fix. She asks Puttan to make Genda Devi tie up a Rakhi to Chaitu’s wrist, so that her insecurities come to an end. Puttan finds this an impossible task.

Papa By Chance:
Gungun asks Aashvi about her parents’ murderers. Aashvi gets speechless and doesn’t tell her that Yuvaan is the person who is responsible partially for their parents’ death. Gungun doesn’t want to forgive the person who made them orphans. She learns Yuvaan’s displeasure and dislike for them and wonders why is he compelled to take them home. She wants to know if Yuvaan is saying the truth, if he is really her dad’s friend and wants to help them genuinely. Before Gungun could know Yuvaan’s link up with the accident, Aashvi stops her.

She asks Gungun to believe Yuvaan’s intentions. Aashvi alerts Yuvaan about the kids, who are keen to know about him. After returning home, Yuvaan gets into an argument with Batra. He gets helpless to leave the house, and takes the kids along. He worries that he may not be able to serve the kids as he planned. He gets sorrowful when a kid calls him an angel. Yuvaan is left with no money. He worries that he has turned homeless, but has to find a shelter for the kids at least.

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