Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets caught in Shukla’s manipulative web

Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets caught

Krishna Chali London: Krishna gets caught in Shukla’s manipulative web… Radhe gets upset when he finds Krishna with Prashant. Prashant knows that Radhe is looking at them and acts more friendly with her. He tries to cheer up Krishna so that she appears happy with him. Shukla gets happy to knock off Krishna from his family. He doesn’t want Krishna to captivate Radhe’s senses by her love. He is sure that Radhe will leave Krishna when he learns about her fondness for Prashant. He celebrates his success. His wife witnesses his madness and cries. He cooks up a story that he is playing with Radhe’s childhood toys, as he loves Radhe a lot. She gets afraid, sensing his next move.

Krishna thanks Prashant for the help. He makes sure that he makes Radhe jealous. He apologizes to Krishna for cheating her at the time of marriage. He tells her that he is really regretting. She advises him to forget the past and move on. Radhe gets an impression that she is hiding and meeting Prashant. She switches on her phone and answers Radhe’s call. She lies to him that she has come for some urgent work. She doesn’t tell him about Prashant. She hides the tax matters just because of Shukla’s request.

Prashant gets happy to create a rift between Radhe and Krishna. Krishna comes back home and tells Shukla about the tax issues. She asks him not to hide tax issues from his sons. She wants to tell the problems to Radhe. Shukla tells him that Radhe won’t be able to manage the matters, they can tell the family after resolving the issues. He apologizes to her for troubling Dubey. He wants her to forget the past. Krishna learns that Radhe didn’t come back home. Shukla gets happy that his plan worked.

Radhe cries over Krishna’s deceive. He gets saved from a fatal hit on the road and vents out his anger on the truck driver. The family gets worried for Radhe when he doesn’t return home. Shukla stays cool and enjoys everyone blaming Krishna. Radhe comes home drunk, which shocks the family. They get questioning Radhe about his move. Radhe gets frustrated and asks Krishna to leave him and his family to go back to Prashant. She gets worried by his wrong behavior. Radhe gets heartbroken. Prashant finds more chances to mislead Radhe about Krishna and him.

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