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Know Upcoming on Star… Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi wants to know the truth of her father. Sikandar consoles Kulfi and tells her that truth will always finds it way out and reach her. He asks her to be happy as they have sung together on the stage today. He feels proud of her. He asks her to forget everything and sleep. Mohendar asks Lovely about Tevar’s claim. Lovely lies to him about her relation with Tevar. She tells him that Sikandar will break Amyra’s heart and she has to stop this, Kulfi can go from this house and get a better life. She doesn’t want Amyra to face troubles. She threatens Mohendar about Amyra again. He wishes Kulfi gets her rights. Lovely succeeds to control Mohendar. She gets a big shock when she learns that Sikandar is opting for a DNA test for Kulfi and Tevar. She gets worried that Sikandar and Tevar will know the truth about Kulfi and not spare her.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Bhavya try to track Anika, while Anika’s phone connection breaks. Bhavya tells him that she isn’t able to track the exact location. Daksh catches Anika and starts torturing him. Anika tries to communicate to Shivay. Daksh tells her that nobody can save her this time. Shivay asks Bhavya to inform him with the best results. He asks her to start the search operation. Anika battles with Daksh. Daksh tries to trouble her further. Shivay makes prayers and gets a sign about Anika’s presence. Anika’s dupatta flies to Shivay. Shivay realizes he is close to Anika. Daksh tells Anika that he will kill her any how, she is destined to die by his hands. He wants to exact his revenge some how. Shivay gets hint about the exact location and reaches there to save Anika.

Jiji Maa: Vidhaan expresses his grief over Uttara’s evil truth. He ends ties with her and tells her that she didn’t stay loyal to any of her relations, she can’t be a mother. She scolds him for leaving his mother for a stepbrother. He tells her that Suyash is everything for him, since Suyash is an ideal and true brother. He gets Uttara arrested. Uttara tells Falguni that she will come back for revenge. Shreya apologizes to them for her lies. She meets Chiku and tells her that Falguni is a nice person and will take care of her. She promises to come back to Chiku after serving the punishment. Uttara wants to give it back to Falguni. The family shatters with Uttara’s truth. Suyash can’t believe that Uttara had hatred for him, his love wasn’t enough to melt Uttara’s heart.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe gets heartbroken over Krishna’s deceive. He apologizes for coming in her way. Shukla gets happy with the drama. Radhe gets hurting Krishna’s feelings in anger. Radhe questions her about her lie. Krishna fails to tell everyone since Shukla stops her. Radhe doesn’t want anyone to interfere between his matter. He tells everyone that Krishna didn’t like him since he isn’t educated. Krishna asks him to stop it. Radhe asks her to leave from his life. Shukla tells the family that Krishna and Radhe’s tensions will kill him. This makes the family angry on Krishna, since Radhe appears as a victim to them. Krishna wonders what’s Radhe’s real problems. Radhe gets dreaming about Krishna again.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:Suwarna gets mindful about KaiRa’s closeness. She gets angry on Naira and makes her apologize to Ashi. Rajshri asks Suwarna not to hurt Naira and have some humanity. She reminds Suwarna her manners. She asks Suwarna not to keep hurting Naira for Shubham’s death. She tells Suwarna that everyone does mistakes and judges others entire lives. She asks Suwarna to rectify herself fast. She asks Kartik to have some trust on Naira because of their old relationship. Suwarna takes a step in anger and calls Ashi’s mother for fixing Kartik and Ashi’s marriage. Karan overhears Suwarna and gets angry on Suwarna’s selfish intentions. He realizes Kartik and Ashi won’t agree to the alliance as per the elders’ wish. He speaks to Ashi in this regard. Their conversation gets heard by everyone by the closely kept speakers. Karan tells Ashi about Suwarna’s wish to get her married to Kartik.


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