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TR’s Quick Reads… Tu Aashiqui: Rangoli gets Ahaan arrested on wrong charges of molestation. Ahaan pleads his innocence and tells the family that he has no idea about Rangoli’s blames. Ahaan gets insulted. Even Pankti gets insulted because of the charges on Ahaan. Anita feels Pankti will never get married, since marriage isn’t in her fate. Pankti wants to deny her bad fate and marry Ahaan to prove that her love has strength. Pankti meets Rangoli and confronts her for framing Ahaan. Rangoli accepts to frame Ahaan intentionally. She tells Pankti that she will win Ahaan any how. She asks Pankti to leave from Ahaan’s life, if she wants to save his future. Pankti refuses to leave Ahaan and wants to become his strength. She tells Rangoli that she will prove her crimes and also free Ahaan from the jail by proving his innocence. She asks Rangoli to save herself if she can.

Papa by Chance:
Yuvaan gets homeless. He gets into a fight with his mother and Harman. Yuvaan’s mother wants him to become responsible and independant. She believes Harman and asks Yuvaan to leave the house so that he knows the real worth of money. Yuvaan gets angry on Harman for manipulating his mother. Yuvaan informs Aashvi that he can’t take the kids home, since he got ousted too. Aashvi helps him find a shelter in some colony. Yuvaan doesn’t like the house, but agrees to live there only for the sake of the children. He tells Aashvi that he is worried for the kids, since they may not adjust in the house with less facilities. Aashvi asks him to be determined and raise the children to prove that he is a responsible citizen. She tells him that once he proves his real strengths, he will win the case and also his rights on his dad’s property and business.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi and Veer try to unlock the mystery of the locked room. A spirit haunts people to kill them. Whoever enters the room gets killed by the evil spirit. Sanchi and Veer don’t realize that the mishaps are happening because of the spirit. They consider it as accidental deaths. Sanchi soon begins to realize about the spirit, who is much powerful and leaves people hypnotized. Veer and Sanchi share a cute moment, while the evil spirit watches them. The spirit Naintara will has come back to seek revenge. She scares people by her deadly intentions. She has tolerated much injustice during her life and wants to ruin others’ lives now.

Keshu threatens Sugna and Anjor. He tells Anjor that he will beat Sugna if she doesn’t withdraw the case. Anjor gets helpless because of her mother. She goes to police station and tells the inspector that she was forced to file the wrong report by Chakor. She withdraws all the blames on Imli’s orders. Chakor gets a huge shock when Anjor lies. Gumaan gets freed. Gumaan and Imli agree for the equal partnership, so that Suraj and Chakor always stay away from Aazaadgunj. Imli wants Chakor to stay away from Anjor forever. She is sure that Chakor will hate Anjor after this lie. Chakor regrets to trust Anjor before. She tells Anjor that she was seeing her daughter Saanvi in her, but she was wrong to expect much from her. She gets angry on Anjor, when the latter insults her publicly.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Aayat has no idea about Mariam’s allergies and gets the bone marrow operation done. Mariam donates her bone marrow to Jibraan and saves his life. Jibraan also gets similar allergies and shivers like Mariam. Doctors tell Aayat that Jibraan may face a paralysis if he isn’t immune enough. Mariam’s life falls in danger. She gets shivering much. Mariam manages to survive and recovers post the operation because of Majaaz and Madiha’s prayers.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Parmeet targets Raman and Ishita once again, and blasts the dynamite to kill them. Raman attempts to save everyone’s lives and runs away with the dynamites. Raman and Ishita manage to save everyone, but fall in danger. They both get the immediate medical attention. Ishita worries for Raman’s critical state. Raman battles for his life. Raman shocking slips in the state of coma. Bhallas worries for Raman distancing from them.


Shivay learns Anika is in deep danger. He speeds up to reach her and save her from Daksh’s clutches. Daksh aims to kill Anika to take revenge from Shivay and his wife. He wants to break Shivika forever. Shivay seeks help from Bhavya. They try to reach Anika in time, while Anika runs far from Daksh to save her life. There will be an action fight sequence between Daksh and Shivay.


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