Ishqbaaz: A real shocker for Shivay and Anika

Ishqbaaz: A real shocker for Shivay and Anika

Ishqbaaz: A real shocker for Shivay and Anika… Shivay rescues Anika from Daksh and admits that her presence in his life really matters to him. He recollects their precious moments and tells her that he really cares for her, he can’t afford to lose her. Anika gets to hear his confession and thanks him for saving her life. She tells him that she knew he will save her. Bhavya informs him that medical team is reaching them soon. Daksh gets arrested. Bhavya salutes Shivay and his true love for Anika. Shivika’s true love defeats all odds. On returning home, everyone gets worried on seeing Anika’s vulnerable state. Shivay informs them that Anika is fine. Anika gets conscious and meets the family. Shivay tells her that everyone is wishing her recovery. Anika fails to communicate and falls short of breath. Her health deteriorates.

Doctor tells Shivay about Anika’s improper breathing pattern. He asks Shivay to make sure that Anika doesn’t lose the oxygen supply. Shivay stays awake and worries for her. Everyone wishes Anika recovers soon. The oxygen supply gets disturbed by the sudden power cut. Gauri gets worried and asks Shivay to do something, since Anika is sinking. Shivay promises Gauri that he won’t let anything happen to Anika. He goes to check the electric connections himself so that he can restore the electricity. Shivay succeeds to restore the powers, which makes Anika stable by the constant oxygen supply. Shivay risks his life in order to fix the broken connections. Tej finds Shivay’s madness and stops him from losing his life for Anika. Shivay faints down. Tej gets Shivay treated.

Dadi comes back home and blames Anika for Shivay’s terrible state. She doesn’t want to pity Anika further, as its getting risky for Shivay. She tells Tej that she can’t see Shivay in such a state, its all because of Anika. Jhanvi doesn’t want Dadi to blame Anika for this. Dadi doesn’t listen to anyone. She tells them that Anika is taking advantage of Shivay’s goodness. She loses her cool and wants to throw out Anika from the house. Anika recovers and worries for Shivay. Priyanka and Gauri don’t know about Shivay and tell Anika that Shivay is fine. Anika rushes to meet Shivay, but Dadi comes in her way to stop her. She asks Anika not to cross her limits. She reveals about Shivay’s fatal state.

She tells Anika that Shivay didn’t accept her as his wife and today he was nearly losing his life because of her. She gets angry on Anika and asks her not to snatch their happiness. She commands Anika to leave the house. Dadi doesn’t want to tolerate Shivay further. Anika begs her to let her meet Shivay once. She promises to leave after seeing him for the final time. Dadi feels Anika is bad luck for the family. Priyanka and Jhanvi sympathize with Anika. Dadi ousts Anika from the family so that Shivay gets a stability in his life.


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