Udaan: Suraj and Chakor to finally meet after seven years

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: Suraj and Chakor to finally meet after seven years… Anjor feels bad when she sees Chakor arrested. She wants to help Chakor. She meets Sugna and tells her that she is feeling really terrible after seeing Chakor arrested. She wants to find some solution to free Chakor and tell her the truth. She tells Sugna that Chakor is a good person and will help her. Sugna cries and tries to commit suicide. Anjor saves Sugna and asks her never to put her life in danger. Keshu tells Anjor that Sugna will be dying if she goes against Gumaan. Imli visits Anjor. Anjor tells Imli whatever Keshu has done. She didn’t know that her dad is working for Imli. Imli accepts all her crimes. She scares Anjor. She asks Sugna why didn’t she bound Anjor. She punishes Sugna to create fear in Anjor’s mind. Anjor shouts to save her mother’s life. She tells Imli that she will obey all her commands.

Chakor gets freed by the help of her NGO. She tells Gumaan that she has captured all his crime confessions by her spy came pen. Gumaan gets worried and informs Imli about this. Imli pressurizes Anjor to steal the spy cam pen from Chakor. She wants the evidence from Chakor so that Gumaan doesn’t get jailed again. Imli will be showing her true colors to Anjor. She threatens Anjor against taking statement back. She tortures Anjor’s parents to control Anjor. She says if you meet Chakor and plan to study, your mum will be dying. Anjor asks Imli to leave Sugna. Gumaan also tells Anjor that he will kill her parents if she crosses his path again.

Anjor wishes to join hands with Chakor and expose Gumaan and Imli’s threatening truth to her. Anjor meets Chakor and apologizes to her for her lie. Chakor tells Anjor that she can protect herself from all odds, just because she is educated. She explains the power of education to Anjor. Anjor expresses her willingness to study and her dreams. She tells Chakor that she also wants to study, but her parents are against it. Chakor takes the responsibility of Anjor’s studies. Chakor teaches Anjor in a privately held class, and asks her to limit her mischief.

Suraj makes a comeback to Aazaadgunj after seven years. Anjor does mischief and throws the colors at Suraj. Chakor apologizes to Suraj and offers him help. She makes him wash off colors from his face. Chakor gets a surprise on seeing Suraj. They meet after seven years. They recollect their separation. Anjor becomes a link between Chakor and Suraj. Anjor reconnects two estranged lovers, who are her parents. Anjor will start a new story of SuKor’s union.


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