Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Painful phase for Ishita-Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas get worried when Mani and Shagun struggle to arrange the neuro surgeon for Raman’s treatment. Raman faces a critical phase. He doesn’t get treated on time. Mani worries that he has to answer Ishita about Raman’s state. Ishita stays worried for Raman and doesn’t take medicines. Ruhi and Shagun try to convince her to take medicines, since she needs to recover for the sake of the family. Ishita tells Ruhi that she wants Raman to recover. Ruhi asks Ishita to not trouble the family by hurting herself this way. Mrs. Bhalla worries that the surgeon isn’t available for Raman’s surgery. Mani tells them that he will arrange the surgeon some how. Ishita gets to meet Raman. She cries for him. She encourages him and asks him to get fine. She tells him that she wants him to taunt her all the time, their cute fights make her day, they should spend time together. She wishes Raman stays motivated and comes back to them.

She learns that the surgeon doesn’t want to come to city for the surgery. Mani informs Shagun and Ishita that Dr. Rajat doesn’t want to leave his anniversary celebrations and come with him. Ishita talks to persuade Rajat. She tells him that Raman really needs his time, he can save Raman’s life. She begs him to take a decision in Raman’s favor. She convinces Rajat to come for the surgery. She tells him that she is also a doctor and remembers the oath she took at the time of pursuing the medical degree. Rajat accompanies Mani and comes to perform Raman’s surgery.

By all difficulties, Bhallas call upon the surgeon and beg him to save Raman’s life. The family meets Rajat and thank him for coming on Ishita’s request. Rajat tells Ishita that he will try his best to save Raman. He is thankful to her for reminding his his duties as a doctor. Rajat assures to them that he will try his best to save Raman’s life.

Raman goes through the tough surgery and battles for his life, while the entire family worries for him. Simmi tells them that Raman will surely survive, since she has tied him the protective Rakhi. She prays for her doting brother. Ishita is kept away from Raman, but wants to know about his welfare. Rajat completes his task and gets speechless when the Bhallas ask him about Raman’s survival and recovery. Bhallas fear of losing Raman. They wonder if any bad news awaits them. The family then learns about the successful surgery and get grateful to Rajat. Raman and Ishita cross the painful phase to meet again and relive their life.


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